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Workplace conflict from Language in Thought and Action by Hayakawa (Book Report Sample)


Workplace conflict relating them with the book Language in Thought and Action by Hayakawa


Workplace conflict from Language in Thought and Action by Hayakawa
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Workplace conflict is a precise type of conflict that happens in workplace. Conflicts can be because to differences of opinion or personality clash about tasks. The workplace conflicts that arise in workplaces may perhaps be shaped by the distinctive aspects of this atmosphere, as well as the long hour’s different people use at their workplace, the difficulties that may be concerned in switching to a different workplace, and the hierarchical structure of the organization. There are so many sources of workplace conflict and from Language in Thought and Action by Hayakawa. Different communication styles can direct to misunderstandings between workers or between worker and manager. Unless staffs understands and accept each other’s move toward work and conflict will take place, when one or more personnel within a work division are not up to prospective and if this is not addressed, conflict is inevitable.
People who consider themselves as realistic and tough-minded, among them prominent political leaders and businessmen tend to standard that human character is self-centered, and that life is an effort in which simply the fittest may endure. Categorically, most of the time when we pay attention to the noises group make, we are drawing upon the skill of others in order to make up for what we as individual have missed. Clearly the more human being makes use of the nervous systems of another person to supplement his personal, the simple it is for that person to cause conflict. The more persons of course, there are in a setting the more likely they will be in conflict of interest among them by making unhelpful noises at each other, the worst is for all in the restrictions, naturally, of the group's aptitude for social organization p. 11.
An individual, then, is by no means dependent on his own knowledge alone for his information. Consequently, instead of remaining vulnerable because of the boundaries of his own knowledge and experience, instead of realizing out what others have previously discovered, instead of searching the false qualities they explored and duplicate their errors,. This leads to most of the conflicts in workplace, since some do not have the skills needed in a highly competitive society since management believes every employee have the skills to deliver. Therefore, this increases conflict that takes part as the greatest of human beings that makes all other achievements impossible, namely, the conflict experiences in great stores of knowledge, available to all, therefore, Cultural and intellectual conflict is the great challenge of human being life p. 14.
We exist in a highly aggressive society, every person trying to outshine the other i...
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