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Living Will (Book Report Sample)


This task is a report on the book living will. it discusses dr. ofri's experience as a medical professional, and in the end, it suggests the type of ending that would best suite the book.


Living Will
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In her book entitled Living Will, Dr. Ofri writes about her experience as a medical professional. She begins by writing about her training, then proceeds to express her desire to learn Spanish, and ends by recollecting her encounter with Wilbur Reston (one of her patients). Dr. Ofri makes use of imagery to help her reader come to terms with her transition from New York City’s Bellevue Hospital to the East General Hospital, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She discusses her encounter with Mr. Reston in detail, and how it changed her perception of the medical profession. This paper is a response to Dr. Ofri’s book. It seeks to identify a better way of concluding the paper, as opposed to the one advanced by Dr. Ofri.
At the beginning of her book, Dr. Ofri discusses how she met Mr. Reston: She had only worked a few days at the East General Hospital when she was requested to attend to a patient at 2:00 A.M. She describes Reston’s condition, in detail, and proceeds to write about how she advised the nurses to care for Mr. Reston. She also points out that doctors usually gave instructions over the phone and let the nurses cater to all other medical needs of the patient receiving medical care.
After Reston gets better and is transferred to the VA psychiatric facility, Ofri forgets about him and continues with her daily life activities. However, after some paperwork was sent to her office, requiring information regarding Reston’s original hospital, Ofri begun recollecting her encounter with Reston. In her conclusion, she states that she pondered on how Reston was fairing. She wondered if he had already committed suicide or if his new puppy prevented him from killing himself.
The above conclusion would have made the storyline better if Dr. Ofri espoused on Reston’s progress. If she discussed how his health had improved/deteriorated after visiting him at his home, the audience would feel more engaged. Also, if she discussed how h...
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