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A Philosophical Response to Fiction: Review (Book Report Sample)


Book Review on A Philosophical Response to Fiction
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A Philosophical Response to Fiction
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A Philosophical Response to Fiction
The philosophical response to fiction is best explained by author Michael Boylan who examines the period that the immigrant family encountered during a period exceeding one hundred and fifty years. These saw the Mayans taking control of their livelihood in the indigenous parts of Mexico and Central America. The book on Maya outlines several themes and the way the immigrant faced various difficulties in America compared to their lifestyle in the land of cork. The characters and themes used in the book by the author aids in developing the family togetherness in consideration of cultural and social practices by various communities. Also, the interaction between different communities is examined as it brought about family development in America. The author develops themes in the book and discusses them in consideration to chapter two, which depicts the philosophical responses to fiction.
The book includes many imaginary events and personalities which help in shedding light on the life of immigrants. The characters used in the book include; Mary, Sean O'Neil, Rose, Patrick, and Mrs. Bernadette. Notably, the author discusses how the livelihood of Sean and his family was in Cork; moreover, he examines their experience in life. Family and society formed an integral part of life, and without exceptions, the people in Cork lived like a family and helped each other during hardships and challenging issues. This is illustrated by the author examines the situation of Sean w helped Mary during her labor, where Sean went out to look for a midwife, Rose, at midnight, who Rose was willing to help. Besides, the author uses Sean and Patrick to evaluate the difficulties faced by the breadwinners for the sake of their families.
To explain the difficulties faced by breadwinners, the author takes a situation where Sean had to leave Mary in labor to rush to work though he was tired and hungry. Furthermore, the theme of poverty is well depicted in the book by Tommy "the little boy in his short pants, and dirty shirt came forward" the words depicts shows how the families were undergoing difficult time in clothing and providing basic needs to their families such as buying clothes and wearing neat clothing's (Michael, 2018). Despite the challenges of poverty, other problems were being faced like the naming of the newborn in the community. For instance, Sean and Mary were not able to settle for a name to give their newborn son, and this is seen when Sean asked Patrick to suggest a name for him to give their young. Later, Mary and Sean had to consult the book to settle the dispute of naming the toddler, James, which the father hatred so much. The lifestyle in Philadelphia was worse as Sean to work harder in a company despites the minimum payments. Regarding this situation, Sean had to be helped by Mrs. Bernadette Coughlin when Mary was pregnant by giving Mary the service in return being feed by Sean until when the child was born.
The particular point of view in the chapter that examines Sean's experience in America is reflected in the situation when he looked for the midwife to help Mary give birth. Sean had to ask for Mrs. Bernadette services to help Mary out, and in return, Sean had to feed both his family and Bernadette's family until the child was born. To point out, the families faced difficulties; for example, Mrs. Bernadette's husband was in a mission with the army, which made it challenging to assess food and basic needs. At the concluding part of the chapter the author examines how Sean and his family encountered new life in indigenous regions of America. The section discusses the difference between Cork and America peoples by point out how societies in cork helped each other out without demanding compensation for any work or service implemented by an individual.
According to the community-based environment, I strongly disagree that the services rendered compensated or paid for by the employee. In a fiction point of view, people tend to help each other without expecting payments or compensations in return. The environment primarily dominated by people, societies, and individuals who are willing to offer any services without expecting any favors since human beings experience challenges in life. In the book of Maya, life being examined as hard that many people face challenges to deliver the basic needs of the. For instance, the case of Through Mrs. Bernadette effectively depicts how poverty and lack of basic needs lead to hard decisions. Mrs. Bernadette had to offer midwife services so that Sean can feed her children. This action does not clearly show the sign of gratitude as it was a favor in return. Even with Bernadette's husband had not written any letter to his family does not mean that Bernadette had the right to bring her family with to Sean to be fed.
The practical and theoretical philosophical principles and relevant efficient at stake include the principle of human knowledge. Notably, human beings face the dilemma of choosing what is right from what is wrong in particular. What one might think is correct to the other it may not be an ideal practice. In the discussed chapter, the principle of human knowledge evaluates two essential kinds of realities, which include the ideas and spiritual aspects, which assert that known plans based on individual thoughts do not exist unless perceived (Russell, 2009). The human beings apply this principle in the cases where they offer s

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