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An Beautiful Story About The Scandalous Teacher: Episode Four (Book Report Sample)


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THE SCANDALOUS TEACHER: EPISODE FOUR I did not stay unconscious for long since when I came back to life I opened my eyes and saw my mother there asking the police officer what happened to me. I first pretended to be still unconscious in order to get trail of what they were saying. “I found him that way I thought he was trying suicide kind of.” The officer told my mum. Even though I had gone through a lot I have never thought of one day committing suicide. My teacher Lesley had succeeded in teaching me how to cope with difficult situations. “A problem cannot be used to solve another problem” her voice always used to tell me whenever I felt in lowly. “My son, do you hear me? Please wake up I have some good news for you.” Mum told me shaking me so hard that even if I was unconscious I could come back to life. “And what good news can you have in the world full of sorrows” I asked myself as I sat weakly on the cemented floor. My mum as if reading my mind continued, “we are going with you I have convinced your father to pay the bond for you and now we have only thirty minutes to clear from this place……” before she continued I cut her short, “mum who told you I want to be free? Did I request any one of you top pay the bond? Why didn’t you get a better way to spend the money?” I stopped asking the rude questions when I saw my mum in tears. “Listen my son I cannot stay out there knowing you are suffering here in cells. I tried very hard to convince your dad to pay the bond for you my dear son. I used ways that you cannot imagine, at long last I made him feel fixed, and he did it knowing he had nothing to do. You know I can sacrifice even my life for the sake of you my dear son.” She told me still tears in her eyes. I felt guilty for making her shed tears. Back in my mind I had many questions flooding. Where will I go after I will be free? How will people be taking me? Will I ever get another job? “Your friend jimmy is waiting for you outside please clear with the facility And lets talk from outside where we will have all the time as we plan what next. We are waiting for you outside please don’t overstay.” Mum said and walked out. I was guided by the same officer who made me faint. I returned the cell uniform and I was given back my belongings. Immediatel...
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