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Discussion: Lessons learnt (Book Report Sample)


Assignment extract: Assessment Type: Individual Reflection Report – individual assessment Purpose: The individual reflection report is designed to allow students to evaluate their group’s performance, and their individual contributions the group’s performance based on hindsight against theoretical principles. It is designed to encourage students to take ownership of their learning, their performance and their outcomes. This assessment contributes specifically to Learning Outcome a, b, d and e. Value: 20% Due Date: Week 12 - 5.00pmFriday June 13th 2014. Topic: Reflections on the individual and group experience during the group assessment. Task Details: Individual Reflection Report – Students need to write a reflection report discussing and analysing the group work process undertaken during the simulation project. Students should refer to team work theory, and explain how well or poorly it operated in their group, and in their own specific performance. Students should conclude with at least three actions points that can improve their future group work performance, now that you have the benefit of experience and hindsight. The report is to be reflective and evaluative (use referenced theory), and it is important that you offer critical insight. Avoid offering descriptive accounts as to "who had which role" and “what happened, when this or that went right or wrong". The review should focus on what you learnt as a consequence of the role(s) you fulfilled, leadership you offered or experienced, exemplary practices, the use of new found skills, or "moments of truth" (e.g., finding out how to give and receive feedback - the hard way).Research requirements – students should use a minimum of 5 academic journal articles to support their reflections and analysis. Presentation: 2000 + 10% word short report – Word .doc or .docx Title page, suitable headings and sub-headings, reference list (Harvard – Anglia style)


Individuаl rеflесtiоn rероrt Order Summary   Number of pages: 7 Type of assignment: Report Academic level: University Level, Bachelor's Referencing style: Harvard Number of sources: 4 Subject: Business Client country: Australia (UK English) Reflection Name Date Course Introduction Working in teams is increasing becoming common in most of the business organizations and learning institutions. This has made it important for the individuals to develop knowledge and skills with regards to operating as a team. The concepts of teamwork require a lot of participation from each of the member in order to ensure that the team is able to achieve its goals and objectives. The roles of each of the team member should also be clearly defined in order to ensure that all the members perform their duties (West, 2012). The interaction among the group members is also important in determining the success of the group. Conflicts within a group are usually common due to the divergence in opinions. However, the interaction and problem solving mechanisms that have been put in place within the group determines the ability of the group to be successful during the process. I was involved in a group work process that was involved in the operation of a business plan for a shoe selling company. Several lessons were learnt during the process. The group was able to achieve its goals and objectives despite a few challenges. The paper is thus a reflection of the group performance and personal contributions towards achieving the goals and objectives of the group. Discussion Lessons learnt I played an active role during the group work process which contributed to learning different lessons with regards to the roles that I played. During the group work, I learnt an important lesson which involves problem solving. Although I had been allocated a specific task to perform for the group, it is difficult for an individual to come up with all the information required. This is because of the different aspects can be viewed from a different viewpoint. The individuals should thus present their ideas to the group and ensure that all the members discuss the ideas presented. This is important in enabling the group member to give their views and hence strengthening the points presented by the individuals. The discussion with the members is also useful in adding more information that enables the problem solving process to take place. According to the team work theory, it is important for the group members to ensure that the contributions of the members are analyzed by the entire group (DeChurch, 2010). This is also important in correcting any mistakes or assumptions that the individuals make in their findings. I also learnt that that discussing the individual contributions in the group also brings about new ideas and hence impacting positively on the problem solving process. As an active member of the group, I also learnt that it is important to give the group members an opportunity to critique the ideas presented. This plays an essential role in highlighting any weakness of the ideas that have been presented. I learnt that motivation within the group is an important process. This is because it plays an essential role in boosting the morale of the team members and hence encouraging them to participate actively. As a leader in team, I learnt that the group members usually participate actively in the processes of the team. The motivation of the team members can be carried out through recognizing the good performance of the team members. Announcing the important contribution that the member has made in the group is important during the motivation process. On the other hand, I also learnt that motivation is important in inspiring the members to actively participate in the group work processes. Healthy competition within the team is also important in ensuring that the group is able to achieve its goals and objectives. Motivation in the group plays an important role in creating a healthy competition within the group. This is because each of the group members is motivated to perform better for the purposes of being recognized. This leads to a healthy competition which improves the general performance of the team. According to the group work theory, healthy competition within a group plays an important role in encouraging all the members to participate in the group processes. I learnt that some of the tasks may be difficult for the group members to perform. This therefore requires the motivation of the team members in order to encourage them to perform the complex tasks. Different forms of motivation can also be used to inspire the team members. I also learnt that it is important to ensure that a good relationship is developed among the team members. This plays an important role in encouraging the team members to work together. Developing a good relationship among the team members ensure that the memb

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