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Family Development Theory (Book Report Sample)


A book report on Family development theory

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Family Development Theory
The developments in the field of family science contributed to the emergence of the family development theory, which is documented to have emerged in the late 1940’s. Family development theory was in fact named as one of the first family focused theories, with a clear distinction from sociology and psychology. Psychology based theories had focused their emphasis on individuals, and were not able to account for situations with competitive individuals in a family while sociology based theories focused on the society as a whole, having a relatively broad analysis. The different perspectives generated from these theories necessitated the origin of the family development theory.
In 1948, Evelyn Duvall and Ruben Hill explained that families inevitably experienced development as a result of them being social beings, and therefore, they needed to be studied as a dynamic unit, contrary to being studied as a collection of individuals. Duvall particularly emphasized on a theory later named the ‘family life cycle’ which explained that families underwent two major stages; expansion and contraction, whereby in expansion, children were brought into the family through birth and contraction whereby children left their homes after growing up. Later, she published a book called "Family Development" which would be used widely for the next 30 years to study the family development process.
In the book, Duvall stated 8 crucial stages in the family life cycle, commonly known as the stages of the family development theory. Scholar’s however lat...
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