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The Hobbit (Book Report Sample)


address several issues in the hobbit

The Hobbit
The ring found by Bilbo Baggins was created by the dark lord named Sauron in the second age in a bid to consolidate his power. The ring would help him rule over the middle earth unopposed. There were other 19 rings of power but Sauron wanted to control all of them. It was his own creation using the elements of his personal being such that to make the ring an extension of his own power.
The ring’s power of invisibility is discovered by Bilbo Baggins and he uses it to escape from Gollum who had initially lost it. From the time Bilbo discovers the ring, there is an observable character change. He embraces deception and becomes cunning so as to remain in possession of the ring. Such character change is seen when he travels with the dwarfs. He steers clear of the issue of the ring all through the journey. It was this character change and suspicion of hiding something that enabled Gandalf to know of the ring and suspect its powers.
His manipulative nature is a stand out factor throughout his time in possession of the ring. He initially shows glimpses of cowardice and sometimes Gandalf comes to his rescue. He is carried by Dori when they escape the goblins. His possession of the ring makes him enjoy some priorities that did not come with his normal life. It is also in the possession of the ring that he exhibits leadership and some bravely....
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