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Management:Business Report - Executive Summary and 5 - Year Projection (Book Report Sample)


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Please use the attached file as a reference for how the summary and 5 year projection should be laid out. This report focuses on two companies, Walmart and Target, and how their financials were affected by COVID-19. Please do some research looking for actual numbers for the companies listed above and try to make the paper look exactly like the docx. provided.


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Business Report - Executive Summary and 5 - Year Projection
Executive Summary
They say that as of the year 2017, Target stock was nearly double; thus, the expectations to be enhanced were based on the fact that more sales were to be utilized. The projections never accounted for Covid-19. on the other hand, Walmart, global retail, facilitates the supply of millions of consumables to its consumers. The essence of the success that has all along been attained is based on the practical strategies that have been put in place. Most of these strategies have enhanced the most powerful means that have called for a better re-establishment means in times of crises. When looking back at the early days of the emergence of the pandemic, most businesses that had not encouraged an effective use of technological advancements found it difficult, especially when dealing with the government-set regulations that were to protect the public from the virus.
As per the projections made, for the next three years from the year 2021, an increment of growth by 2 percent has been predicted. Based on the predictions that were made, it suffices for the following retail estimates after a look at the trend:
* One Year. Based on the studies conducted by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, we find that consumers will be primarily engaged in various activities; for instance, they would instead shop online than in-person shopping. This is the period at which the pandemic is at its peak; with most deaths, the rate of spread of the virus is high; thus, one should shop online as the use of boxes will offer the consumables, and also the websites that the customers will use to make their orders will be easy to navigate.
* Three Years. - when looking at the period as from three years onwards, the consumers by then would have been adapted to the use of online shopping as their new normal. They will be using it effectively as they will have to learn of its effectiveness; it is what we can term learning to cope. Every consumer will have been exposed to online shopping and its effectiveness; thus, it will be their preferred choice.
* Five Years. - the use of advanced technology will have reached its core, more techniques will be in play as the consumer will be offered a variety of options to choose from their best means that they would prefer to use, for an interface, when playing video games, the consumers will be given with an opportunity from which they will be able to play virtual games, gaming can either be virtual or even the use a wireless fidelity that links two players.
Concerning all these findings that have been noted, it suffices for one to say that Target stock and Walmart companies have facilitated a positive change from time to time. It is with change that progress has been enhanced. The transition that consumers have had may have brought about some difficulties in between, but they were all handled effectively, and all the activities can now be run smoothly. These transitions have also facilitated better innovative techniques (Alsharari, 2021).
Analysis and Findings
5 Year Projection
For example, most of the companies, Amazon, Hello Fresh, and Stitch Fix have all been advantaged with the ability to use the means effectively at their disposal to facilitate effective means through which the target reach is to be made with ease. They have optimized for effective use of the internet to widen the sales gap by getting vast access of consumers online. With the emergence of the pandemic, most people found it difficult to cope with at first, but later on, they did learn the most effective ways that they could depend on technology for their survival. Statistically, when looking at the year 2016 and 2023, the growth rate should be expected to have significantly grown. These consumers now have enhanced an aspect from which they have facilitated for need customization. Here, the consumer takes advantage of the good that he or she may require and customizes it. The result of this area is based on ease of access.
Stitch fix
This is an online subscription that has allowed many buyers to explore added advantages. For instance, when looking at the clothing site, the consumers have gained an added advantage from which they can enjoy the merits brought about like for instance is the aspect of cloths being sold at a discount. The selling price may be lower than the price that may have been used to make purchases for other goods; let's say for the case in the goods can be said to have been on the actual market. One is also enhanced with an opportunity from which he or she can be enhanced with transportation costs. Buying clothes from websites offers an opportunity to enhance door-to-doordoor-to-door delivery (Bang, 2020).
Amazon Go
Amazon has now taken a new path from which more sales have submerged with a positive profit ratio in that all the transactions are conducted o

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