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Book review based on (Book Review Sample)


write a book review that expresses your motivation for selecting the particular book, the impression the book made on you, information from another external, reliable source that either corroborates or contradicts the book, and how or why this book will or will not impact you.


Time management is very significant to people since it is strategic planning of your time availability and controlling the necessary amount of time you have to spend on a specific task to work efficiently and effectively. Nowadays, Our current situation in life is overflowing with time stealers whether you are lost in the shackles of technology distractions instead of being focused and time-bound due to time wasted in some activities like chatting, browsing, social networking, and gaming which makes the causation of distraction that leads to wasted valuable time. Hence to make sure that you manage your valued time, you should incorporate to yourself some of the few tricks on how to deal with time management from this book review.
The book’s chapters are properly organized with different topics which include quotations and examples from either famous or anonymous people to help you gain a full understanding of how they were able to manage their time effectively and efficiently.
Part I: Book
I chose the book “15 secrets successful people know about time management” by Kevin Kurse since it contains a lot of very informative advice about time management that can be easily applied in our daily living whether you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a student, or a parent. I love how the author conveys the ideas and life hacks about managing time effectively and the good thing about it is that it can be easily implemented.
In most instances, I failed to manage my precious time and it’s sometimes difficult to identify and to know how to improve my time management mistakes. I experienced involving myself in a fast-paced environment loaded with various tasks thus my time should be spent wisely. It would be very beneficial for me and anyone to read this book for me to apply these time management skills to be more productive not only on your work but also on a personal level.
Part II: Topics of Interest
I am impressed with the book since it contains numerous life hacks that are highly effective. After reading every chapter, I learned a lot of insights and ideas. Some of the book’s sample conclusions include that for a person to be able to maximize the time you should focus on how you can be productive for 1440 minutes in a day. Every person should know the significance of your Most Important Task (MIT) afterward learn to prioritize it above anything else. I was also
I was also amazed to know that a key to be a successful person is by knowing how to say No to anything that is out of your objectives or goals. Everybody should know that every minute counts hence if a task can be done in just a few minutes then you should do it immediately rather than doing it later. Those are just a few insights and one thing important that I was able to know is Kruse’s system which he called the “E-3C” known to be Energy, Capture, Calendar, and Concentrate. The author suggests that a person should acquire energy by having the right amount of rest, practicing exercising, focusing on their health by taking meals throughout the day. Next is to capture all the significant thoughts, ideas, motives by taking a system such as a notebook. Then practice using a calendar reminding you of your everyday tasks that you must accomplish and finally, you must learn how to concentrate by focusing mainly on your most important task.
Part III: Corrobation/ Contradiction
According to Couch (2016), the book’s author brings each of the insights and ideas from different person to life and he was able to provide real-world examples of how numerous successful person across the globe enabled to utilize these principles.
While acc

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