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Critical analysis (Book Review Sample)


The paper is about critical analysis of one specific issue that was touched upon in each book – leadership, communication styles, conflict resolution, etc. – as it related to non profit.


Critical Analysis
Critical Analysis
A critical analysis is a form of critique that evaluates the credibility, author’s motives, themes, organization of material, and intended audience of a reading source such as a book or an article. This paper is a critical analysis of four texts with information on management, leadership, conflict resolution, and organizational communication. The four texts include Improving Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations by Ronald Riggio & Sarah Smith Orr, Organizational Culture and Leadership by Schein Edgar, The Complete Guide to Conflict Resolution in Workplace by Marick Rrancis Masters & Robert Albright, and Business Communication by Sathya Swaroop Debasish & Bhagaban Das.
Each of the four texts has a target audience that it addresses in matters pertaining to communication, leadership, or conflict resolution in an organization. In their texts, Debanish & Das (2009) address a wide sample of the population as their audience. The target audience is anyone interested in learning effective communication skills. Some of the audiences that the book addresses include managers, employees, and investors. Riggio & Orr (2004) targets business leadership and any other person interested in learning the tenets of good leadership. In addition to what Riggion & Orr demonstrates in their text, Schein (2010) also targets organizational leaders who want to improve their service delivery principles while managing an organization. On the other hand, Masters & Albright (2002) addresses an audience comprised of all members of an organization. However, the text is also appropriate for any other person who is interested in studying the process and importance of conflict resolution. Addressing the audience is the main motivation of writing a text. The authors of these texts reflected on the nature of the target audience before putting down their facts and figures. In selecting the target audience, the author needs to understand their needs and interests in that particular area of study. In this case, the author needs to be strict on the organization and readability of the content. The readability of the texts is appropriate for the above named audiences. They are to benefit from reading the books and later apply the techniques at their workplaces.
In critiquing the texts, the theme or thesis is an important factor of consideration. The four texts have different but related themes/theses. Riggio & Smith (2004) address the theme of leadership and its improvement. Partly, the text illustrates the impacts of transformational leadership on an organization. Schein [2010] demonstrates the role of leaders in applying the principles of culture for goal achievement in their organizations. The author adds that, leaders are both entrepreneurs and cultural architects. The theme in Masters & Albright (2002) is conflict management in an organization. Debanish & Das (2009) talks about effective communication and its importance in leadership. In addressing their themes/theses, the authors managed to illustrate the significance of writing the texts. Reading the texts indicates their effectiveness in exhaustively displaying their strength of analysis. They stick to the mainstream of their motivation and the ultimate result is an exhaustive explanation of the themes. Themes are important because they are the main tenets of understanding that a reader depends on while reading a text. Even though the themes in the four texts do not match, they conform to the same principle of book writing. They are part of the initial plans of the authors and demonstrative in nature. It is therefore logical to assert that thematic significance of a text is dependent on th...
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