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Dalton Conley: Dynamics of Race (Book Review Sample)


inal Paper: Conley
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Topic: In this paper you are to analyze the process by which Conley learned the dynamics of race and class through social institutions such as family and school. What are the social practices and discourses associated with those institutions that framed race and class identity for Conley? How did these institutional processes and the cultural knowledge they conveyed shape Conley’s understandings of race and class? How did those institutions shape Conley’s identity and social status? Be sure to support your assertions with evidence from the book (examples and quotations).
Analysis. To address this question adequately, you will need to spend some time on analysis and organization before you begin to write. You will need to identify the structures, institutions, and practices you will focus on; examine the part each played throughout the book; and relate them to Conley’s adult life.
Format: Typed, double-spaced, in minimum 12-pitch font, 4-7 pages.


Dalton Conley
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Dalton Conley
Dalton Conley is a notable American Writer of the Honky based on the incidents of race and social status between white Americans and black Americans. The book's title seems to be symbolic since the work honky was formerly used by the black Americans in referring to their counterparts, the white Americans. Dalton was born in the 1960s, and his father was an artist, while his mother a writer. His father struggled a lot in this field of art, and they resided in the Latino housing projects in the eastern parts of New York. Those regions only possessed many African Americans. The writer emphasizes how he was brought up in this land and how race and class shaped his life through the interaction with the schoolmates and neighbors. He reveals how life seemed to be different in this American community and talks about the privilege issues that the white people receive that affect racial differences and education challenges.
When Dalton was young, his family decided to move from the classic houses to the housing projects in the lower parts of Eastern New York. Due to the poverty lines that encircled the family, it wasn't easy to enjoy a lavish life. He wished that his family could have moved to the regions where the whites were since new neighbors were not permitted anywhere because of race issues. Now he wondered why they moved to the area containing only the blacks, and they were not allowed anywhere. "My parents could have moved to a white, working –class neighborhood in the outer boroughs or in New Jersey, for example. Our neighbors, by contrast, were largely unwelcome elsewhere for reasons of race and financial status." (Conley, pp.9) This reveals that there existed disparities in terms of social class between black and white Americans. Conley valued both race and culture; this shows that he had no affirmations concerning race differences. He was just being attracted to his colleagues without having any differences.
The school now was the worst place where there existed racial differences that were intensive. Conley realized that

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