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Moral Deficit that Exists in Global Society in “What Money Can’t Buy” by Michael Sandel (Book Review Sample)


This is a review of the book "what money cant buy" by michael sandels.. The book is a perfect example of the moral deficit that exists in the current global society. 


“What Money Can’t Buy” Book Review
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Michael J. Sandel is an American philosopher and experienced author who achieved a distinguished career for himself. As a law professor at Harvard University, Michael has honed his experience in the discipline of government. His expertise has enabled him to develop a strong understanding of the concepts of leadership and justice. Justice is especially his main area of interest, and thus it is the main course that he teaches at Harvard. The course has been made even more famous from Michael’s understanding of it, and this aspect has resulted in the University offering the course for free, both online and through television. Michael’s interest in philosophy gathered more speed during his time as Rhodes Scholar under Charles Taylor. His interest in politics and governance resides in his main area of specialization. In 1975, Michael graduated with a degree in Politics from Brandeis University.
As an experienced author for the New York Times, Michael J. Sandel developed a knack for political observation. In the book titled ‘What Money Can’t Buy,’ he intends to demonstrate to world leaders, especially those in the US, several of his observations about morality and economic application. Michael tries to show his intended audience that markets and morality are two concepts that have now become firmly interwoven. There is a need to strike a balance that will ensure that morals are preserved while still guaranteeing economic growth and expansion (Sandel, 2012, p. 4). Michael also targets elites in society. He intends to catch the attention of individuals who are aware of economic policies and their consequences for a particular society. Michael’s book is persuasive and philosophical, and aims to allow the reader to view the world from Michael’s perspective.

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