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Pathos, Logos, and Ethos in the Essay 'People Who Share a Room, Share Emotions' (Book Review Sample)


In your first writing assignment, you will be working as a group to analyze the essay “Those Who Share a Roof Share Emotions,” by Arthur Brooks.
A successful rhetorical analysis essay does not try to cover every single aspect of the author’s writing. Instead, you need to choose a few key items to discuss in depth. Each item you choose should have multiple examples to support it. You could discuss the article’s use of ethos, pathos or logos, its tone, its rhetorical modes (comp/con, cause/effect, etc.) its organization, etc. Your thesis statement might look like this: “Brooks uses [item 1], [item 2], and [item 3] in order to [primary purpose].” Your essay should be 5-7 paragraphs long (must not be fewer than 500 words or more than 1000). Each paragraph should have a topic sentence with supporting details. In this case, supporting details are evidence from the essay, in the form of summary, paraphrase, or direct quote. You should analyze the evidence by explaining the effects that the techniques have on the reader. Strong essays will not only make claims about Brooks’s article, but they will also support their claims with clear evidence from the article. Even stronger essays will clearly explain how each technique helps Brooks accomplish his purpose. The very best essays will briefly offer a compelling evaluation of Brooks’s techniques and what does or does not make them effective. # I’ve added here the outline that is required also an example of an outline but don’t depend on that too much. Also I have provided you with pictures of the essay the rhetorical essay is about.


Rhetorical Analysis of People Who Share a Room, Share Emotions.
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Rhetorical Analysis of People Who Share a Room, Share Emotions.
Every feeling has the potential to spread to others. On the other hand, the rate of spread is determined by the level of attachment shared by the participants. Feelings are passively transferred at varying speeds depending on the number of interactions and the affection or care a person has for the other. Brooks claims in his lecture that emotions can be passed down through generations by distinct groups of individuals. Brooks uses pathos, logos, and ethos in his speech to persuade an audience and consider the appeal and force of his words to influence them on the contagiousness of feelings and emotions.

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