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Review Generation Gap, Differences In Interpersonal Skills (Book Review Sample)


an analysis of the the article review provided about generation gap


1. What is the author main point?
First, they have identified the different generation gap groups, namely the veterans, the Generation z, Millennial, Generation x, and the Baby boomers. Has identified the characteristics of each I. e. their values, ideas, communication technique .How they get things done differently. They have made a comparison of the groups, explained how the difference can affect their relationships and has also made some recommendation on how the different generation gap groups can work together despite the differences to achieve a common goal. The generational differences affect most of the things in the workplace, e.g., recruitment, team building, adaptability, and productivity. By learning to communication among the groups will help bridge the existing gap.
2. Who is the author intended audience?
Everyone. They have focused more in the workplaces but the same is applicable everywhere. Those in charge will have better way of understanding each other and the employees can know to relate with each other. Everyone falls under one of the different generation gap groups. By better understanding the characteristics of each of the groups, it will better help understand each one better, solve problems and be more productive.
3. Identify and address the differences in the interpersonal skills from the generation differences and how they might be overcome.
Traditional generation/ the veterans/silent generation were born between 1922-1945. They believe in the hierarchy system in the workplace. They believe in strictly following the rules and possess a strong sense of distinction between what is wrong and what is right. They are loyal.
Baby boomers were born between 1956- 1964. They are loyal and dedicated to their work. Instead of following the rules they are more likely to form theirs .they is a small separation between their work and personal life. They are too financially driven, cut too many corners, fear change, are not up to date with technology, curious and goal-oriented
Generation x were born between 1965 -1980.they are not loyal and do not recognize authority like in the previous generation groups. They are independent, self-reliant, survivors and they can market themselves successfully. They also dedicated to working, but they distinguish their work and private life. Tend to be more cautious or conservative. They want instant gratification
Generation y/Millennial/Echo boomers were born between 1981- 1994. They don't define themselves through their jobs. They value their free time and find fulfillment by doing something worthwhile and significant in their community. Tend to rely on technology to get things done and want to be up to date with every piece of technology. They are goal oriented, tolerant, entrepreneurs and good at multi-tasking. They are optimistic to the point of idealism and feel entitled to everything .They have a strong need for encouragement and recognition .This highlights the importance of cultivating personal investment in the millennial employees. Their wants and need are mainly due to the societal and parental pressure. Employee retention of this generation is very low. They have no sense of urgency, lack common sense and are quick learners
The presence of the different generation groups has caused a communication barrier as each of the members of the various groups has their values and goals. According to research done, it shows that the reason a person chooses a specific career choice differ throughout the generational groups. The younger generation likes to rely on technology but the older generation doesn’t. Older generations prefer a job with good pay while the young prefer a job they enjoy doing. Bringing them together can be very good. It's not something that can happen overnight, but with time it has proved very successful. That authority should come up with appropriate leadership and management styles .One needs to understand generational characteristics and learn how to use them effectively in dealing with each. All generations need to feel comfortable and as if their needs are being met, and they are being respected as an individual. They may not entirely fix the problem, but they will be able to understand each other.
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