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Social Work and Human Services (Book Review Sample)


Find a music video on YouTube that represents some HUMAN BEHAVIOR SOCIAL ENVIRONS concept you have learned about this term. Summarize the video, discuss how it represents the HUMAN BEHAVIOR SOCIAL ENVIRONS concept, and describe your personal reaction to it. Email me a 1-2 pg. summary (in a Word document) by Wednesday, November 24 at noon to receive up to 5 pts. extra credit on your final exam. Make sure and include the link to the video in your summary
The text book is:
Rogers, A. (2013). Human behavior in the social environment (3rd ed.). New York: Routledge


Symbolic interactionism
Symbolic interactionism
The music video is a song titled ‘When I’m gone’ by the rap artist Eminem. It is a six minutes video that describes the struggles among the members of Marshall’s family. It has three main scenes, a darkly lit narcotics anonymous room, Marshall’s home and a stage in front of a large audience. The lyrics of the song guide the viewer through the struggles of the Marshalls. It starts in the narcotics Anonymous room where a group of possible addicts are sharing about their lives. One elderly man gives his story and is followed by Marshal, who narrates about the struggles of his family to the audience. On a flash back, Marshall is in his house with his daughter, Haile, who makes some paper toys and goes on to show her father, who is apparently so busy writing a song. He tells her off claiming that he had to write a song and catch a plane. Next we see Marshall pushing Haile on a swing, and they both speak about ‘mommy’, who is absent from the scene. His daughter begs him not to leave her like her mother did to which Marshall promises not to. On the next scene we see Marshall’s counter-persona, Shaddy, on a stage in front of a huge crowd in Sweden, where Haile appears unexpectedly among the audience. She complains that he lied to her and pleads with him to help her mother. Next we see Marshall’s family together living happily after Marshall and his wife do away with their differences.
The video clearly describes the symbolic interactionism as a social aspect of the social exchange theory, where the “self” is influenced and shaped the social processes. Marshall’s angry and aloof persona is influenced greatly by the desire to provide for him family and his love for them. But the apparent lack of support from him wife pushes him to the edge of running away from his family through his counter-persona Shaddy. That h

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