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“The Greatest Nation” by Tom Brokaw (Book Review Sample)

BOOK REVIEW ON “The Greatest Nation” by Tom Brokaw source..
"The Greatest Nation" by Tom Brokaw Name Institution Tutor Date Introduction Tom Brokaw wrote the introduction to the greatest generation after going through what he referred to as an experience that tremendously changed the lives of the Americans. Tom became moved as he walked on the American beaches with the veterans and the civilians who assumed significant roles in the second world war (Brokaw, 1998). Hence continually made him feel intensely motivated and grateful. The author could repeatedly recall the childhood memories he had in an army camp that got based in Igloo. Still, in this book, the author meets his objective since he was able to memorize the experiences the Americans had during the second world war that was regarded to be the deadliest war in history. There were no discussions between the veterans and the civilians who were involved in this war though they were proud of they were proud of the accomplishments they made. Critical review of the Book The Greatest Generation gives a narration of the activities the veterans and civilians were substantially involved in, and the consequential turn of the events during the second world war. Events covered in this book were certainly those by the real people though others were war heroes regarding the description given by the author of this book. Tom Brokaw, the author of this book, interviewed the person who was present during the second world war to capture the happenings exclusively. Bob Dole and Daniel Inouye who during then were the senators of Kansas and Hawaii respectively, and many other civilians among the people interviewed about the events that unfolded during the war. These people are referred to as the greatest nation though he was not so sure whether they would have the same response if, by any chance, they would have a similar attack. The author is more than convinced that the expectations of the Americans were different then since they had experienced other wars before the second world war emerged. The consistency and the experience various people get featured in the book had, is simply what mostly contributed to my keen interest I acquired about the book. The people referred to as the great nation had to do what they were required to do to, and to the best of their knowledge and efforts and still get moving on. The veterans always talked about how the second world war had transformed their lives and primarily formed them, at the same they always wished that they would forget the experience of the second world war that got seared into their brains. The author recounts the great fearlessness of the heroes involved in the deadly second world war who suffered great injuries and loss of the body parts e.g. the eyes. This book is devoted to the Americans who contributed to the second world war in less conservatively gallant ways. The author continually talks about how husbands and wives treasure the moments they shared together since they were part of each other during the experience of the war that was overwhelming that shows the connection that existed between husbands and their wives during such terrific moments described by the author. Comparably, the rate of divorce in these couples involved in the world war II is much lower than the rest of the populace in America. It was easy for an individual to die during the war. Thus those involved knew their colleagues in the service since there were high rates of casualties. The missionary zeal of the men and women involved in the second world war as the author regards it to be admirable even though it is not compatible with the archived historical facts about the war. Due to the existence of this incompatibility, the author reinforces two myths; the myth of the great generations and the myth that depicted the second war to be uncontroversial to the best of his intentions. This book accounts that the country got greatly divided by the war which highly contributed to the division of the current generations though there were significant categories in the production of the second world war during the war. Thirty-one percent of the American population of the Americans was willing to go to the battlefield against Italy and Germany on the eve of Pearl Harbor. This difference that existed among the Americans made them suppressed once the war started. The Americans did not protest the war since they had leaders who protested against the intervention of the fellow Americans into the war and thus decided to engage in a cold war with the allies. This cost the Americans high odds due to the late start of the war. The second world w...
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