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Planning, Executing and Evaluating Health Promotion Program (Book Review Sample)


this paper provided a detailed summary and critique for a book "“Planning, Executing and Evaluating Health Promotion Program” . the work also suggested ways by those HEALTHCARE managers can IMPROVE their effectiveness in promoting various health awareness programs


The Critical Review of "Planning, Executing and Evaluating Health Promotion Program”
The Critical Review of "Planning, Executing and Evaluating Health Promotion Program”
The planners of healthcare services have to apply different tools and strategies in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the programs they manage. The marketing is a valuable strategic tool in this regard CITATION McK13 \l 1033 (McKenzie, Neiger, & Thackeray, 2013) because the customers join the initiatives after having an exposure to the advertisements, and the strategists have to link different consumer preferences with the conceptualized offerings in order to receive a fuller response from the market. The healthcare facilities and fitness centers have to develop innovative and inventive methods of gathering attention from the masses.
The marketers in the field of healthcare management are using social marketing as a means of multiplying the market’s response. The fundamental process that has an involvement in the promotional efforts of such nature is word of mouth CITATION McK13 \l 1033 (McKenzie, Neiger, & Thackeray, 2013). The social marketing is cost efficient, and as it is based on personal testimony so the potential clients are going to respond to the strategy promptly as well. Secondly, the marketers have to integrate specific needs and wants of the consumers so that they can entertain the value of the initiative in the context of fulfilling their unmet dreams and motives.
The advertisers have to motivate the participants about continuing their partaking in the program by letting them know the basic reasons those led to their signup in the first place. The management must give these reminders on a frequent basis CITATION Lyn08 \l 1033 (Lynes & Andrachuk, 2008), but they should not have an irritating nature, and with the passage of time, the advertisers are using segmentation as a source of performing their jobs admirably. The marketers are dividing the customers into different segments, and then, developing specific programs in order to serve the needs and wants of the target population, and the managers have to take the family medical history of the person into account so that the trainers can develop special exercises in order to entertain specific medical needs.
The fitness industry has emerged as an eccentric industry in the recent years, and the trend of service differentiation is the true element in the process of crafting competitive advantage. Secondly, the technological interventions such as digitalization of exercising equipment can go a long way regarding creation of loyalty amongst the customers. The marketers have to balance the approach of social marketing and segmentation in order to reap maximum results in the form of sales.
The marketers have to run capacious surveys in order to gather information about what kind of fitness services people find attractive in a particular geographical location. The companies have to use social media as a source of distributing questionnaires in respondents so that wider level of response can be obtained, and the service designers have to modify the existing offerings in the light of consumers’ responses, and the professionals have to come up with new and in...
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