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Management: Employee Commitment And Organizational Policies (Book Review Sample)


management philosophy analysis


A.Foote, D. (2012). Employee commitment and organizational policies. Tennessee: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
The author studies the effect of employee commitment on organizational presentation with interest from companies. The interest in analyzing worker obligation stems from concern from consequences of the behavior that are offered to emerge from it. The author looks on the impact of employee commitment on performance of the organization and employees income. He adopted both descriptive and explanatory research methodologies in the research. A five point questionnaire was built and used among the staff. The author analyzed the study hypothesis using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient. In his results he indicates that the level of commitment of the employee of the firm is very high and there is a high relationship between employee pledge and personnel turnover. Therefore employee commitment is a crucial thing in achieving organizational objectives. Those with less commitment will do only enough to slog by. It is seen that there is a positive relationship between company business social responsibility and member commitment as well as between operative assurance and executive performance. This article shows that there are numerous factors that have been found to inspire commitment. The article explains that the level at which employees are committed depends on the enrichment of the job, empowerment of the employee and the compensation. It defines some of the major backgrounds that make employees committed to an institute and position are tougher for the continuation and normative of employees vow.
Theoretic Framework
The articles thinking is based on Howard Becker’s origin that describes employee obligation as the side-bet theory. The author uses Becker’s theory which explains the relationship between an industry and employee are based on the agreement of economic change of behaviour, the employees are committed because they have hidden investments, side-bets they have acquired by being in a business enterprise. Becker’s approach shows that connection between employee commitment and workers voluntary turn over behaviour due exist.
The influence of this theory seen in the article is that the close association between staff commitment and revenue as innovative affected most of the future conceptualization of commitment and established turnover as the main behaviour that is affected by employee commitment.
Lin, H.-F. (2011). Impact of organizational learning and knowledge management factors on E‐business adoption. Taipei: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
The article focuses on the importance and significance of the learning processe introduced by Huber and that is acquistion of knowledge, distribution of knowldege, interpretation of knowledge and memory of the organisatio through emperical research. The authors research supports that in order to implement e-businnes companies need to deliver the acquistion, interpretation and knowledge stowage according to the steps. For companies to consolidate E-business they have to support the distribution of knowledge studied during previous stages. The author further suggests that knowledge is important for the progress from relational level to international level.
Theoretical basis
One of the theories that the article focuses is the stages of growth model by Nolan. This model is used to illustrate conceptualise change and development of life of human as well as business that is the product life cycle. From this idea change is viewed as imminent and proportinal with development basically in a unitary order of stages that is additional development builds from. In the field of information systems Nolans theory provided a view of the highest level of information systems strategy and implementation suggesting that the managing or supervising linked with leading the organizational computer resource change in manner over time, and grows in patterns roughly correlated to a number of phases. The author clarifies that staged models are premised on the opininion that a business progresses through a number of identifiable stages. Every stage has got its own distinguishing applications benefits and consequences. The model offers solutions on to how the e-business and organizational strategies develop over time.
Although Nolans theory is a popular theory for explaining e-business adoption it has some influence when applied by organisation. It adopts an simplified perseption of difficult issues and circumstances of the small businesses economic activity. When the theory is used the firm fails to illustrate the hard process that take place at micro-economic and macroeconomic level within human small firms.
The research paper has some streghths as it has contributed to the question of the models that is related to learning of organisation and e-business. The article found out that the strategy to acquire distribute, interpret and store knowledge in an organization is fostered as a step in the implemantion of e-business. The research paper has some weakness although the constructs have been explained as easy as possible by dwelling on relevant literature and authenticated by practioners, they can only be thought of proxies for latent phenomenon that is not measurable. The author uses only a single research methods to approach the study and further examination studies could be used.
Lundbäck, M., & Sven‐Åke Hörte. (2011). Decision‐making in conditions of constant change – a case within the automotive industry. Management Decision, 220 - 235.
From the research the author views change and innovation in the workplace to occur by various means and due to many reasons. Explains change as gradual process made upon incremental developments at the place of work. The change that is made from the collaboration of management, employees is more long lasting. But the roots of some places of work invents may lie in organizational crisis or war when important changes in the workstation are required for existence.
Theoretical basis
The main theory of management that the author describes is the theory of Fredrick Taylor. The article tries to explain how the theory is applied. The theory of management invented techniques for increasing the efficacy of the work process. It is based on systematic learning of people, tasks and work character. The theory split the work process down into the smallest possible units with an aim of determining the most efficient ways possible for completing work. The research identifies the influence that the concept brought to an organization. The model led to several improvements to organizational management during a time when an autocratic style of management was the rule. The improvements resulting from the theory employee incentive increased, improvement of productivity.
The research paper shows individuals how the change is essential so that they will use it and move on. The author explains how change is good for workers since it brings the chance to try something new and gain knowledge. The research from management methodology promotes persons to have a greater stake in the outcome since it helps in the implementation of the plan. The research indicates that individuals do not put up resistance to things that they have suggested. There are however some weakness from the article as it does not show the change management methodology has more to do by keenly following its processes. The article does not indicate how the resistance from the employees is effectively dealt by communicating, it can fail the company’s project
McElhinney, D. (2012). Concept of entrapment and decision‐making", Management Decision. Liverpool: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
The article introduces the idea of entrapment, a disparity whereby those who make decisions inactively drift towards bankruptcy as the cost of changing path becomes high. It answers economic behavioural questions using an account that analyses decisions made by traders of the market facing ecnomic death. The successful entreprenuers started their occupations in markets. The phenenmenon of escalation of the stories is relevant to project managers in large firms and those responsible for management of risks in many circumstances. The study from the journal involving making decisions and dilemmas provided an accessible introduction to the theory application against a background of developing interest in economics and attracting the attention of busin...
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