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Cause of Rampage in School Shootings (Book Review Sample)


Paper Components (substantive and writing)
1 inch margins all sides, 12 point Times New Roman font, spell-check, grammar check, page numbers, double-space, avoid contractions, avoid passive voice, paraphrase in your own words, limit quotations, reference in ASA format.
Introductory Paragraph: What are you doing?
• Introduce the purpose of the paper, the book you are using (briefly mention the 2 cases), the key contribution of the book, and your final concluding argument about this book. •Write your introduction after you have spent some time thinking about the book and developing the other parts of your paper.
Body of Paper:
a. What is this book about? (Only focus on material listed.) • Summarize key themes, arguments, and evidence primarily in your own words including: o How the authors define a rampage school shooting (what is included, what is excluded)— See ch. 3 for full definition (Note: this is the only thing you need from ch. 3) o How they study it (methods)—covered in appendix (pp. 319-324) o Key arguments (key concepts and processes they highlight)—Focus only on ch. 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 for this! Be sure you cover each of these chapters. o Supportive evidence can include brief examples. For chapter 10, be sure to briefly summarize the results of their test of each part of the theory with the 3 data sources.
b. How do you evaluate this? (4 points) • Provide a thoughtful and critical evaluation of the book addressing such things as: o What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book? o What are the issues with how they focus the research and theorizing? o Are there other possible interpretations of the evidence or counter arguments to what the authors’ state? o Are there issues they did not examine (or did not cover enough) that they should have?
Brief conclusion: What did you do in this paper? •Re-state what you did in the paper including the key points about the book, your evaluation, and your reaction. End with your final take home message.
In-text Cite Book Throughout Paper: •Be sure to use in-text citation of the book several times in each paragraph when you are summarizing it. Cite like this in general (Newman et al. 2004) or this for a page number (Newman et al. 2004: 50). Or state “Newman et al. (2004) argue that…”


The Rampage Book Report
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The book Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings by Katherine S. Newman is an extensible look at the reason for the rampant school attack and murders that had taken the headlines in a mass period in the United States. The authors examine with a series of investigations and research to uncover the reason as to why such types of attacks happened and, most of all, the intentions behind them. The book analyses the case studies and attempts to uncover the truths behind the attacks. Seeing that most attacks were most rampant in high schools, the book gives insight and collaborates the various security departments and influential individuals in carrying out the studies and helps carry out background research to understand the matter. The attacks saw many children lose their lives, and many families saw losing loved ones. However, the book attempts to bring closure to such families by conducting more profound research on the matter to obtain clarity. The author’s approach to the subject helps engage students, parents, other investigators, and researchers, which paints a tremendous and passionate order to achieve what most would consider impossible.
Literature Review
The authors define the term Rampage School Shootings as the type of attacks that occur precisely in a school setting that many people witness. Most often than not are, the suspects are either former students in the particular school where the attack is taking place or are currently enrolled in the school (Newman et al., 2004:87-88). Furthermore, they state that the attack more often than not involves a considerable number of victims that some of them are either shot and killed randomly or are either fired because the shooters perceive them to have a symbolic resemblance of importance (Newman et al., 2004:88) in this case may include teachers. The authors give this particular definition to clarify that the characteristics are of great significance while addressing and approaching such matters to recognize them better and not confuse them with any other forms of attacks. The approach seeks to differentiate the different forms of shootings that may take place within school vicinities that may portray a specific agenda or motive behind them; for instance, the authors give the example of a student arriving at the school grounds and specifically shooting the school principal without all the other aspects in mind cannot be considered a rampage shooting (Newman et al., 2004:88). This may be incorporated as a form of revenge killing, or perhaps a deal went the wrong form of killing rather than a rampage killing (Newman et al., 2004:88). As such, rampage killings, in accordance with the above characteristics listed, could better be defined as a sub-category of a long line of significant forms of murders or attempted killings that are in close comparison to workplace attacks than can be compared to single killings and attacks which take part on-campus or off-campus (Newman et al., 2004, 88). It should, however, be noted that the rampage school shootings are nothing new to the American scene. However, statistics show that at least five other scenarios of rampage school shootings have occurred in other countries in the world, including Canada, Germany, Kenya, and the Netherlands, where Two occurred in Canada. In contrast, the rest of the countries have experienced one event of rampage shooting (Newman et al., 2004:89).
The authors determined that the violence among and experienced by the youths mainly was concentrated and seen in high percentages in the inner cities that were more or less found to be poor areas. The statics carried out with the researchers that were more concerned with the rates of youth violence and recorded that they had increased drastically between the 1980s and the 1990s, which were the years that had violence reduced among the other age groups (Newman et al., 2004:91) As such, with the effects still rampantly felt, the researchers needed to get to the bottom of two aspects; the youths that are most violent and why the youth violence had increased between the 1980s and 1990s (Newman et al., 2004:91-92). 
The researchers noted that on the former reason, the male youths were the most likely to engage in violent offenses than their female counterparts, and they were influenced by various reasons that included; lack of supervision, domestic violence, possession of guns, and drug abuse, among other aspects (Newman et al., 2004:91-92). They discovered that youth violence was mainly at its peak when they were in their mid-teens for both the white and African American males; however, the scales move higher for the black males in their late twenties (Newman et al., 2004:91). Regarding why these rates were high at the time, the study conducted found that within the said period, the high and easy accessibility of guns, drugs, and a violent based culture (Newman et al., 2004:92) were among the significant reasons as to why the rate of violence was high between these periods. 
In recent events, the authors used various means to reach a viable conclusion as to the cause and effects of the rampage shootings that transpire on sudden wakes. For instance, the authors took a maximum of three years. They devoted it to studying the individuals who had previously been involved in

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