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Review Racial And Ethnic Harassment In The Workplace (Book Review Sample)


I was tasked to write a 5 page review on the book Racial and ethnic harassment in the workplace. attached is the sample of the review i wrote


Book review
Racial and ethnic harassment in the workplace
Tamara A. Bruce
This book written by Tamara A. Bruce is a well-crafted research work on the age old societal issue of Racial and ethnic harassment in the workplace. Tamara choses to focus her work on US based experiences since other countries use different legal systems and differ in racial/ethnic composition. The author seemed so passionate about the topic itself and brings out quite a convincing argument both in style and content. She lights up the readers mind as she begins with a quote that most if not all her argument on the topic will hinge on;
“White women continually ask me, “How often do black women wash their hair?” and so I said,” You know this is like the third time you ask me how many time black women wash their hair, You already know the answer.”
The author explains this experience as one of many examples that bring out the issue of workplace harassment and discrimination very well and tries to bring it out in a most simple manner in which the whole issue can be broken down and understood at its basic level. The author however goes on to admit that the issue of Racial and ethnic harassment in the work place is a complex matter and should not just be brushed away as another one of the many societal challenges that plague the average Americans life daily. Statistics are included in the analysis of the problem as employment figures of the major racial and ethnic groups are compared in time using a time period. It points out a fact that the issue of workplace discrimination has shown a considerable level of focus and attention over the years since the late 1970s.
The author begins with interesting statistics that capture the reader. She writes that over the years the minority groups in race and ethnicity In America has been increasing in the workplace whereas the Caucasian majority has been decreasing considerably. Now this is a statistic that sounds strange considering that racial/ethnic discrimination has been perceived as too entranced in the society over the years. This shows that the future hold a lot of hope for the reduction or total elimination of workplace harassment /discrimination.
Many social researchers over the years have come to use the term ethnic interchangeably with racial. Many do not find the re to be a big difference in the two words, albeit when race is more biologically strode whereas ethnicity is more socially strode. The author carefully examines the American population of the Hispanic to try and distinguish and make the reader be at the same level of understanding. The author however is able to explain that the words ethnic and racial are different in definition and should be understood as so even in the context of the book that she has written. She points out that ethnicity is less visible and most ignored in comparison to race and that it is easier for the ethnic minority to manage their group identity than the racial minority to do the same. It is common for people who feel discriminated for either of the two not to be aware or to be unable to certainly be sure if they were discriminated because of their ethnicity or their race.
The author is able to distinguish the racial and ethical harassment from other similar issues. She writes that there is an older sibling referred to as sexual harassment which has over the years received more attention as compared to racial/ethical harassment that causing most research to overlook the ethnic minority dilemma in the society. Sexu

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