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Windows of the Soul Book Review Literature & Language Book Review (Book Review Sample)


a book review


Windows of the Soul Book Review
Windows of the Soul Book Review
Books are essential tools for communication between two minds, and reviewing provides a better understanding of the concepts. Ken Gire’s, “Windows of the Soul” is full of thoughts and prayer mainly featuring new indications of God’s love, strength, and grace. The author calls for fresh sensitivity to the voice of God, communicating through the unanticipated parables surrounding the human environment. It is an elective spiritual description designed to offer educational and propositional to express great biblical and theological truths concerning passion, honesty, and prayer for God. Gire offers word pictures painted in prose and poetry that serves to thrill the heart of the audience. As it stands out, Gire produced the book to help people see past the surface, of each touch, each sound, and each experience, to what lies beyond (Gire 17). He is educating the audience to a discipline of awareness in instances people remain uninformed of the taste intimacy with God. A deeper analysis underscores the importance of guiding humans to treat surfaces as windows because it functions to nourish souls.

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