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A Good Man Is Hard To Find Research Assignment (Book Review Sample)


based on the text, i was supposed to ILLUSTRATE who a good man is and why the author thinks its hard to come across one.

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A Good Man is hard to find
In the short story, A Good Man is hard to find by O’Connor, a good man constitutes of good conduct. A good person is one who does not get away with people’s property and is concerned about not only his wellbeing but others too. One way to understand this story is to ask what O'Connor is telling us about what constitutes a good person. Gone are the days when there existed good people who one could take off and forget or intentionally leave the screen door ajar and returned to find the car untouched (O'Connor 142). Nowadays, the world is full of dreadful people, who steal from others. Good people have a clean heart. They easily forgive and let others use their property without questioning them (O'Connor 142).
By saying that she would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life, the Misfit mean that the old woman talked too much (O'Connor 153). The woman annoyed him when he tried to talk him out to be a good person; even after telling the woman why and how he turned out to be whoever he is, the old woman still kept convincing him that he could be a better person. The old woman hoped that Misfit could change so that he could stop running away from the federal. All this talk made Misfit somehow emotional that made him shoot the old woman.
I find O'Connor's story dissatisfying because there is no clear ending of the story. If the story was to leave readers in suspense, there ought to be a thrill...
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