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Analysis: Alone Together by Sherry Turkle (Book Review Sample)


The assignment involves analysis of key aspects such as audience, purpose of the book, lessons on technology in life, and summary of the work. use of quotes from the book was required and further analysis to be done in comparison to the key points mentioned in the book. KEY THEMES SUCH AS TECHNOLOGY IS ALSO WELL EXPLAINED. ONE SOURCE WAS TO BE USED.


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“Alone Together” Analysis
 an“Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle addresses the social and psychological elements of technological development that constitute the contemporary discourse of modern society. The article allows the audience to adopt both extrinsic and intrinsic perspectives on how modern technology d discourse influence them. “Alone Together” aims to investigate the physical and virtual places humans inhabit because of technical and rhetorical changes and explore how humans came to this space and if they are satisfied to be in it.
Sherry Turkle's "Alone Together" seeks to demonstrate the drawbacks of contemporary technology on the lives of ordinary people. She witnessed technology replacing fundamental human connections and one-on-one conversations. Turkle is concerned about the impact of technology in the beholder and how much of it may genuinely disrupt essential communication. She studies the surroundings as if for the first time, enabling her to counteract the habituation cycle. Turkle describes the notion of “the grid” and people's anxieties about being cut from it. The grids can prevent people from enjoying their lives by isolating them from the actual world. Through various examples, Turkle demonstrates how technology has caused people to be together and still feel alone.
The primary audience is technology users, especially young people. The youth are more experienced in operating various technology devices compared to their aged parents. The author specifically addresses the connection of these people to this technology and how it has slowly diminished the quality of physical interactions. Today, people constantly communicate through technology, which makes physical interaction unnecessary. The use of the internet and cell phones has radically changed how individuals operate in their daily lives. Turkle outlines how individuals feel exposed when they do not have their phones. They feel estranged and marginalized from others. Young people are more likely to interact by messaging and emailing than through traditional social interactions. Hence, the grid enables this audience to build interactions with technology because of their sensitivity.
Lesson on Technology in Life 
I feel that technology enables people to achieve intimacy effortlessly. Developing close relationships with other people is part of discovering the essence of life as without that encounter, the audience will be encased in a bubble. The cocoon provides a forum for non-judgment and criticism from people observed daily. "Digital networks and friendly robots may create the impression of intimacy without the obligations of friendship" because of the fear of closeness (Turkle 263). Hence, I agree with the article’s emphasis that virtual connections allow individuals to break away from traditional forms of communication; they create a buffer between people, making it more straightforward for them to communicate with one another. However, a person may not grow intellectually if they are not subjected to criticism. Hence, I do not believe online communication can replace regular communication.
“Alone Together” provides some insight and illustrates

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