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Book Review: Dark Matter and the Multiverse Theory (Book Review Sample)


Writing a book review based on the book dark matter and the multiverse theory

Dark Matter and the Multiverse theory
The multiverse theory proposes the idea that the universe has parallels spread out across the cosmos. The theory is an attempt to describe why the universe seems a perfect fit for life. The parallel universe theory as it is also referred to finds solid support in the string theory which proposes the existence of a multilayered as well as multi-dimensional. Within the parallel universe, a number of key narratives emerge, the first being that, the infinite number if universes have another earth within it based on the law of probability (Greene, p.16).
The second premise is that while there may be a difference of physical parameters, all the universes are bound the same basic laws. Thirdly, that there are other universes in which each probable possibility of existence is extant and finally, that there may be universes that are not connected to the universe human being inhabit, and that has entirely different fundamental physical laws. It is important to note that the multiverse theory is built upon the premise that existence is a projection of patterns appearing on a holographic surface (Greene, p.28).
For Blake Crouch, the multiverse forms the basis and structure upon which he builds the plot of his story in Dark Matter. In keeping up with the confines of the multiverse theory that proposes the reality as a holographic system, Dessen the key protagonist of the story rightfully asserts that: “No, I remind myself, I'm hallucinating that I'm naked and strapped to a gurney. Because none of this is real. (p.38)”. His remark is made upon realizing the basic elements of his world have changed. In other instant, the physics professor remarks that: “So if the world really splits whenever something is observed, that means there's an unimaginably massive, infinite number of universes - a multiverse- where everything that can happen will happen (Crouch, p.124),” clearly pointing out that he is trapped in a world in a multilayered and multidimensional world.
Based on the basic premises that have been developed within the multiverse theory, the commonality of basic laws is one; Crouch stays within this particular spectrum in his reference to light even when the professor is in an alternate universe. This particular fact is to be found in the assertion: “there’s a stunning quality to the light as it moves toward evening—polarized and golden—that I can only describe as loss. Robert Frost’s gold that cannot stay (Crouch, p.103).” Another particular tenet of the novel that highlights the author’s adherence to the multiverse theory emerges when the professor refers to interconnectedness of particle within the universe in the statement: “It's terrifying when you consider that every thought we have, every choice we could possibly make, branches off into a new world.”
The existence of multiple universes builds upon the string theory which explains what particles are and what they mean in the universe. The commonality of these particles across the cosmos thus hints at the fact that activities in one universe are felt across multiple universes as is captured in the quote above. In staying in tandem with the multiverse theory, where reality is seen as a reflection of patterns on a holographic surface, the author introduces the concept of life being a reflection of images on a plexiglass as captured in the quote: “We're all just wandering through the tundra of our existence, assigning value to worthlessness, when all that we love and hate, all we believe in and fight for and kill for and die for is as meaningless as images projected onto Plexiglass (Crouch, p.88).” This quote supports the concept of looking at life as a hologram in which the reality and existence are merely reflections captured b...
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