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Literature Literature & Language Book Review Essay (Book Review Sample)


REVIEWING The Love Suicides at Sonezaki 1703 by Chikamatsu Monzamemon THROUGH ANSWERING A SET OF QUESTIONS


The Love Suicides at Sonezaki
Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s “The Love Suicides at Zonesaki 1703” is a tragic love story that occurred at the beginning of the 1800 century. Chikamatsu sets the play around Tokubei and Ohatsu, two young lovers whose desires are about to crash because of family obstructions. In a quest to fulfil their vows, the lovers elope to the Forest of Zonesaki where they commit suicide with a hope of marrying each other in heaven.
Several factors including political, societal and economic atmospheres influence Chikamatsu’s writings. Social aspect of life emerges as the primary source of inspiration influencing the events of the play “The Love Suicides at Zonesaki 1703”. From the title of the book to the tragic end of the protagonist characters in the final scene of the drama, social tragedy involving double suicides is evident. Other social attributed presented in the play include love affairs, friendship, and family issues (Bedford 349). Another source of inspiration in this play is economic factors such as money. The author highlights the role of money in defining the angle of romance through Tokubei foster mother and Kuheji, Tokubei’s friend. Another attribute of economy that the author presents in the play is trade. Most of the characters such as Kuheji and Tokubei’s uncle are businessmen. Ohatsu also works in a brothel. Political factors such as conflict and betrayal presented through Kuheji and Tokubei’s uncle also influence the playwright in this text.

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