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The Significance Of Money In The Relationships Between Men And Women (Book Review Sample)


The task was to review the play, 'A Doll's house' by Henrick Ibsen. The sample concerns the significance of money in the relationships between men and women.


A Doll's House
Ibsen's A Doll's House depicts material dependency concerning the affairs of the heart and exposes several delusions of romantic idealism during the time. Talking about the money theme and how it affects all characters provides insights into the significance of money in the relationships of women and men in the drama. However, the drama is focused around the marriage relationship between Torvald and Nora, the play explores how the need for money influences the society.
The 19th century was largely affected by economic and social changes that saw the society shifting from rural agricultural societies to urban manufacturing based communities. Therefore, an individual's place in society coincided with one's ability in making and controlling money. In the beginning of the play, Torvald can be seen to have been recently promoted and is expected to receive a huge income increment, however he still censures Nora for too much spending, arguing for the need of financial caution (Törnqvist 2).
People like Torvald with professions such as lawyers or bankers controlled money, and coincidentally they were almost habitually male. Therefore, their ability to control money made it possible for them other people's lives, as well as defining morals (Unwin 43). Hence, because Torvald was a banker enabled him the position to sit on the moral judgment on Krogstad and Mrs Linde in deciding which of them should be allowed to work. From the beginning to the end of the play, there are interactions about money, and the initial interactions between Torvald and Nora reveals how Nora knew that behaving in particular subservient way, would prompt Torvald to

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