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The Darkest Year: Theme, Pillar, and Author's Thesis (Book Review Sample)


The Darkest Year Book Analysis Assignment
Write an essay between 900 words that addresses the following questions:
Why did the author write the book?
What is the theme of the book? That is, what is it about?
What is the author’s thesis? That is, what is he or she arguing? Is it stated clearly, or did you have to work hard to figure it out? Explain.
Is the thesis, as far as you could find it, well-defended? Why or why not?
Is there anything in the book that contradicts what you have learned elsewhere (through readings, videos, class discussion, etc..)?
What, in your opinion, are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?


Book Analysis: The Darkest
The book Darkest Year by William Klingaman is a narrative that explores how Americans adapted to the developments of world war II. The book is a psychological illustration of history from December 1941 to 1942 when America was under absolute pressure. The author attempts to tell the readers how the confusion occurred in mobilizing the country's economy and marching armies to war they did not prepare for.
The central theme is war and how the nation adapted to the events into the war wars. The author's survey draws attention to the portrait he paints within the country home front during the WWII initial stages. The war met economic changes on the instant shot; political and social upheaval was evident. Moreover, no part of the U.S. was left unturned from the war outrages. They ranged from the whites from Appalachia to the Baltimore industries until it covered the country's least known factors. Racial disparities fastened; blacks lost trust in the whites, and on average, at least 3 750 Japanese-Americans could be escorted under surveillance and security to assemblies. The survival standards called for adaptation after the outrages since commodities became scarce. Items like sugar, hospital workers, tin minerals, tires, and coffee drooped on the national index. The enrollment at colleges dropped likewise to human resources, including the 20% of women. Scholars agreed that the author demonstrates this theme to show U.S. citizens that no nation is undefeated; for liberal 

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