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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Ethics Case at Turnbull Industries and the Stakeholders Involve (Case Study Sample)


The task was to read an accounting case study and then conduct research to answer the questions: who were the stakeholders in the case?; what was unethical in the actions of the president? What was the response of steve ? Should a controller be silent in such cases when the president of a given financial organization is making mistakes?


Ethics Case
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Ethics Case
Stakeholders in the situation
From this given scenario, the stakeholders of this company are the director of public relations called, Perry Jarvis, Turnbull industries president Robert Turnbull, the potential investors that are interested in putting their investments in Turnbull industries, and Steven Verlin as the Turnbull industries controller. Stakeholders entail all the parties with interests and responsibilities in ensuring that the activities of that particular business are successful. They play different roles within such industries, and this is based on their positions; they join hands as a team to ensure that everything becomes right within the organization. The stakeholders can be both external and internal to the industry; their interests result from a direct relationship like investment, ownership, and employment. Stakeholders in this scenario play different roles; for instance, Schronhardt industries President Dave Schonhardt is issuing a press release to ensure that the company's image and the stock price of the products they are dealing with are bolstered. It is the stakeholders whenever anything bad or good happens in an organization (Kamassi et al., 2020). They are held accountable. For example, when the industry is falling, like in the case of this industry, the blame is placed on the

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