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Today's Business Environment: Advertising And The End Of The World (Case Study Sample)


Select 1-2 quotes from the given text on which to base your refection.

Reflection: Advertising and the End of the World Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Reflection: Advertising and the End of the World Cutthroat competition in today’s business environment compels businesses to do more than just produce great products; advertisement is needed besides other organizational efforts to satisfy consumer needs and preferences. Jhally (1997) explains that “the function of the advertising industry [is] to recruit the best creative talent of the society, and to create a culture in which desire and identity would be fused with commodities” (par 4). To benefit maximally from advertising, the author further suggests that a firm should focus less on whether an ad generates sales volume, but to ensure that it answers “the question of values” (par. 11). Jhally’s assertions have deep implications for advertisers in today’s turbulent business arena. Business and culture are intertwined; the degree to which an organization understands and integrates knowledge of this relationship into its advertising strategy influences sales performance. From a business perspective, culture characterizes the internal and external environments of a firm. The society plays a huge role in shaping our definition of values, which in turn influences nearly all life decisions an individual makes. Values, sourced from the society, are used both as a barricade and a yardstick for gauging what is acceptable to the society. For an ad to have the desired effect, turn prospects into actual sales, a culturally...
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