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Business ethics (Case Study Sample)


Business ethics


Case Study
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Case study Nissan
Total quality management is seen as a process where the entire organization works towards achieving continuous improvement, meeting customer needs and organizational objectives (Mukherejee, 2006). It involves quality, customers, employees, production process and management, specifically the role of senior managers. At Nissan manufacturing UK (NMUK), total quality management has been achieved in all the areas required by TQM philosophy. There are eight areas where a business should focus to achieve TQM and they include: ethics, recognition, communication, teamwork, training, trust, leadership, and integrity. Rather than concentrating on the volume of production, TQM focuses on quality, customer demands and expectations (Ehigie & MCAndrew, 2005). NMUK has met business ethical issues. With the jus-in-time approach, it has ensured that it produces the exact amount of vehicles required, the exact models and at the right time. This has ensured that the amount of cash tied up in stocks and in works –in –progress is kept to a minimum and thus can be spent in more production activities. While this is largely due to machinery, human capacity is recognized and is vital at NMUK where there are 4,300 employees. 63% of the workforce is in the manufacturing and assembly where there is more work load. Production has been good, with the just-in- time approach, specific vehicles and their components are produced just in time to meet their demand. The production process has been designed to bring out the best in machines and people. The main production shops are body assembly, painting and final assembly while the supporting manufacturing areas are: press shop where panels are produced, plastic shop that makes bumpers on site, castings shop that makes engine parts, axel plant that produces axels and engine shop that assembles engines, installs oil, and coolant fuel (Mukherejee, 20...
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