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Leadership and Management (Case Study Sample)


the task was to watch a movie and discuss leadership styles that are present in the clip. the link to the movie is the sample is about a servant leader who follows the C.H.R.O (Chief Hurdle Removal Officer )platform. after watching the video, i explained what the C.H.R.O platform consists of. i also stated why it is an important concept for modern leaders to understand. To put the context of the assignment to subjectivity on my leadership style, i stated that, \"I am a servant leader because I lead by example. I am a role model who is motivated by the thought of service provision for all.\"


Leadership and Management
There are various types of leadership models/theories that each and every leader must be privy to for effective management purposes. However, among the leadership models, the servant leadership model requires a personal introspection as compared to the others. According to Tom Peters, servant leadership adheres to the C. H. R. O platform of organizational leadership. In full, C. H. R. O stands for Chief Hurdle Removal Officer (Peters, n.d). It is important for a leader to voluntarily conduct a certain duty for the sake of establishing rapport with the workers under his/her jurisdiction. No one tells the leader to do the work but it is an intrinsic task that all leaders should be aware of in an organization. This is a modern concept for leaders since it confirms their commitment in removing hurdles out of the way. A leader has to work tirelessly as the boss to ensure that all operations in the organization are running smoothly. I am a servant leader because I lead by example. I am a role model who is motivated by the thought of service provision for all.
Practical application of management in an organization is always a complicated task for most leaders. For instance, defining leadership theories is different from demonstrating them in the course of management. The practical aspect of Trait Theory is the application of personality traits such as consciousness and openness in leadership (Schyns & Meindl, 2005). Path Goal Theory links a leader’s behavior with his/her performance at the work station. The leader should behave in a manner that supports the performance of his/her subordinates. Autocratic Theory entails the practice of a leader making decisions and passes them over to the subordinates for implementation. In Transactional Theory of leadership, leaders’ morals play a significant ro...
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