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Case Study
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Business Ethics of Starbucks (Case Study Sample)


Case Study
Case Study
Starbucks is a reputable American Multinational in the coffee house and roaster niche. Starbucks is an enormous coffee chain business in the world thanks to its diverse chain of shops in different locations worldwide. As of 2021, the company had set its presence in over 80 countries with nearly 4,000 coffee outlets (Starbucks, 2023). Over 15,000 outlets are based in the USA alone (Starbucks, 2023). 8900 of those stores are owned and operated by the parent company, and the remaining ones are operated under a license (franchise). The company has recorded steady growth over the years and remained an industry leader thanks to the variety of coffee experiences it offers to customers. Starbucks is anchored on a mission that spurs inclusivity and diversity, where every person not only feels welcome but also experiences a sense of belonging (Starbucks, 2023). This inspired the company’s mission that seeks to inspire as well as nurture the human spirit. A cup of coffee is meant to bring togetherness at any given time. The company's corporate culture is advanced through the lenses of humanity with core values of respect, dignity, and transparency, as well as holding themselves accountable (Starbucks, 2023). 
Case Elements
In the case under review, a CEO, Kevin Johnson is in dilemma, when two male clients of African-American descent were arrested within the Starbucks premises while waiting for an associate of theirs which led to a negative backlash of Starbucks accompanied by widespread condemnations. The act was discriminatory and racist (Tangdall, 2018). The two men were asked to

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