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Fast Growing And Turbulent Economic World: Goverment And Business (Case Study Sample)


Scenario: Eric is an Assistant Vice President at marine paint manufacturing plant. One day, he accidentally discovers an email from his boss, the Vice President, to the President, notifying him of an internal study finding the paint leeches from the bottom of boats into the marine environment. The paint has been found to create birth defects in marine life. He also sees the President's response email, in which he directs the Vice President to erase all evidence of the study and tell no one. The President also directs the Vice President to erase the email. Eric is concerned about the findings of the study, but he also fears losing his job.
Create a 500-word analysis with the following information:
Which administrative agency governs regulatory compliance of the manufacturer?
What are the ethical concerns regarding the President's actions, and what do you believe Eric should do?
Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed references.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Government and Business
Student’s Name:
In an era of fast growing and turbulent economic world, businesses keep being established and there is an increased need of ensuring that these businesses run smoothly. This entails even the involvement of the government. The government’s role in the business world has remained the same for a long time in the economic world, where the government has been seen to intervene in businesses in a number of ways. These include; granting permissions, enforcing contracts, consumer protection, employee protection, consumer protection, taxation and environmental protection among others. This paper will therefore, discuss which governmental agency regulates manufacturers and the ethics to be considered based on the provided case.
Over the years people are developing increased consciousness on the ecology and environment as a whole but sadly, the society knows very little of how we affect the environment. This is in the sense that people do not understand who is putting what where to cause environmental destruction or what are the various effects of these contaminants to our environment. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established by the government so as to come in and help in the consolidation, evaluation and improvement on the understanding we have concerning our environment by putting into practice the many existing strategies set to restore the environment.
The EPA has been able to focus and improve pollution control efforts in the environment by being able to establish and enforce environmental standards as well as by monitoring pollution in the environment CITATION Ruc12 \l 1033 (Ruckeshaus, 2012). The case for this paper presents that the paint leeching from the boats seem to affect the marine life by creating birth effects. This is an issue that should be addressed by the Environmental Protection Agency since there are regulations that the manufacturer should comply to before and even after realizing the effect of his or her product. The EPA presents that, there are tests and results that manufacturers should have their products go through and meet respectively, before they are introduced into the market CITATION Els13 \l 1033 (Elsevier, 2013). Additionally, the EPA has the authority to prohibit the manufacturing and distribution of harmful products that negatively affect the environment.
For instance, in this case before the paint was used, the effect on the marine life should have been identified and that environmental effect would not have been there. Also, the manufacturing and distribution of the paint could have been prohibited. The efforts put by government and government agencies require us as the individuals as well to come in and help in protecting the environment, however not all people do this. In the case above, the president of the company responsible for the product creating birth defects in the marine life seems not to care. He is aware of what is happening and why but ye chooses ...
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