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Heathway Company Analysis (Case Study Sample)


Healthway is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of health and wellness products. The company offers a range of sports nutrition, dietary, and personal care items with a mission to provide high-quality, innovative health and wellness products and services to customers worldwide. The company is focused on creating a healthier world and reducing its environmental impact through its manufacturing and supply chain management. Healthway is now creating a new product called Stapella, aimed at Gen Z, concerned about environmental conservation. The marketing strategy will align with Gen Z's values and show concern for social and environmental issues. The product will also raise funds for the Action Conservation charity, improving the brand's image and building positive community relations.


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Part I: Case Study
Overview and Mission Statement
According to the Healthway website, the firm is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of health and wellness products. It is a provider of well-being improvement solutions, and it's dedicated to creating a healthier world. It offers a wide range of sports nutrition products and supplementary dietary and personal care items. Moreover, the company's mission is to provide high-quality and innovative health and wellness products and services to customers worldwide. Its goal is to assist in living healthier and happier lives by providing safe, affordable, and effective products. Healthway also focuses on sustainability and is determined to reduce its environmental effects through its manufacturing processes and supply chain management. Moreover, the company works with individuals, families, and organizations to encourage and facilitate healthy behaviors and choices and supports initiatives that promote health and well-being. Healthway also raises awareness about the significance of good health and the role that individuals and organizations can play in maintaining good health in the community. With the rise of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, the organization is dedicated to managing chronic conditions, creating awareness about healthy lifestyles, and providing high-quality medical care to its consumers. Therefore, Healthway is an organization that is passionate about providing products and programs that empower the community to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Analysis of Core offering
The company products are dedicated to maximizing ways to show respect to the environment and ensure that the indoor air is pure. One of its key brand intellipure is a consumer-based line of products for homes and small businesses. The brand features different plug-and-play air purifiers, which are easy for consumers to purchase online through the company's well-established web store. According to Mariani and Wamba, 2020 companies are likely to profit when they segment the consumers to address their diverse needs. They can realize consumer needs by analyzing the demand patterns for health products and services. For instance, a company can analyze consumers according to health, age, and wealth to develop brands that meet consumer needs and wants. Healthway is focused on providing quality and affordable products to the lower and middle class. Through creating awareness regarding health and wellness, the company can create a need for consumers regarding its products, such as air purification products in their homes. Moreover, the firm has a well-defined marketing strategy, especially in online platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, which helps to make consumers aware of the benefits of the company products. The company has effective research and development strategies that help to understand the consumers' intentions and realize the appropriate products that meet the customer's tastes and preferences. The company's marketing approaches helped it build a large online consumer base as they only order products that are delivered promptly. Thus, the effective analysis of consumers in the market has allowed the company to market and provide affordable products that are easily accessible.
Influence of Technology
Applying digital technologies in manufacturing and business operations has enabled the company to become competitive. The digitization of distribution, media and promotions, and pricing has helped to enhance the satisfaction of consumers. Moreover, technology, especially social media applications, allows customers to interact with the brand online. The leveraging of digital platforms helps to improve customer experience. Besides, through this interaction, the company acquires data stored to be used in advanced consumer analytics. The subsequent big data drives critical insight into buyer behavior.
Part 2: Business Report
Executive Summary
Healthway plans to create Stapella, a new product that will raise capital for Action Conservation charity and create awareness about environmental conservation. The marketing strategy will target Gen Z, who are concerned about clime change and are likely to consider the environmental influence of their purchasing decisions. The analysis recommends that the product should align with Gen Z values, and it has to show concern for social and environmental issues. Besides, its marketing strategy should consider Gen Z's uniqueness, values, and individuality as they are drawn to customized products for experiences. To appeal to Gen Z, the brand should be transparent and authentic and support the charity.
Healthway will create Stepella, a new ‘cause-related product that will help the company to gain monetary profits and create added awareness for the Action Conservation charity. The marketing strategy will be crucial in engaging the Gen Z audience who have become critical of environmental conservation. The global climate change effects concern Gen Z, and they do not support brands with unsuitable environmental policies. The analysis will demonstrate that the Action Conservation charity improves the brand image and builds positive community relations. It will show how the charity increases Gen Z loyalty and sales from the market segment.
Market Trends Analysis
Gen Z is a demographic cohort born between 1997 and 2012 that followed the millennials. Mamula-Nikolić et al., 2022 observe that Gen Z makes up a significant portion of the global population and is expected to account for 45% of consumers by 2020. Thus, it is critical to understand the key attributes and purchasing behaviors of Gen Z, as this can be valuable for businesses looking to tap into this market opportunity.
Su et al., 2019 find that Gen Z has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility. The generation has grown in an environment with a wide range of information and is now more aware of global issues than the past generations. As such, Gen Z consumers are more likely to consider their purchasing decisions' social and environmental influence and are drawn to brands that align with their values. According to Dabija et al., 2019, the experience and knowledge regarding environmental concerns and the planet's future have enhanced Gen Z's sensitivity in environmental conservation and pollution. This is evident in the online communities and group chats where Gen Z opinions are personified in social movements developed on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Sakdiyakorn et al., 2021 suggest that companies have to consider environmental values as a priority concept to capture the attention of Gen Z.
Therefore, the brand should focus on developing products that consider sustainability. Ghadimi et al., 2019 assert that many brands are integrating sustainability in their operations and supply chains, including using environmentally friendly materials and conserving resources. Although sustainability approaches are expensive to implement, they are important in creating a good reputation and improving customer loyalty. Moreover, managing and improving environmental and social performance in the company's supply chain will be able to optimize processes, promote corporate values and conserve resources. As such, to achieve sustainability, the brand has to be designed while considering the environmental concerns of Gen Z consumers so that it can be acceptable. Katz et al., 2021 note that Gen Z looks at their purchasing decisions as the expression of their values and identity. For instance, they are drawn to brands that share their point of view on environmental and political issues. Moreover, Gen Z usually puts aside their differences and considers supporting causes that will benefit the greater good. The generation expects brands to demonstrate their values and welfare concerns to the community. Thus, the brand must ensure its ethics align with the progressive Gen Z generation.
Moreover, Gen Z desires personalized and customized products and experiences. The generation values individuality and uniqueness and is likely to support brands that support social causes. Regardless, Dobre et al., 2021 find that appealing to socially conscious Gen Z consumers requires more than virtue signaling as the young people can identify whether a brand backs up its claims. Thus, the brand must be clear about its role in the charity and how it intends to support its long-term goals. When developing the messages and content for the brand, the company will have to create authentic and personalized experiences for Gen Z consumers. The company will have to gather adequate data to deliver relevant content to the Gen Z audience. For instance, by proving guided quizzes and segmented surveys where they respond to questions about the brand and their taste and preferences. Jayathilake et al., 2012 assert that 55% of Gen Z are willing to trade their data for a more modified and individualized experience. The company must realize that this generation is tech-savvy and knows how to view images and make purchasing decisions briefly. As such, the company must consistently understand the Gen Z audience and their unique affinities.
Another characteristic of Gen Z is that they readily embrace technology and social media. The generation has grown up with smartphones and social media platforms and is highly connected and savvy digital consumers. Ameen et al., 2022 assert that Gen Z is likely to research products and seek recommendations from...

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