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Imperial case study (Case Study Sample)


Imperial case study

There is a need for the Imperial Hotel to upgrade its hotel services and facilities. The management needs to have proper management of the hotel and develop skills. Skills required, includes time management, research and interpersonal skills (International Baccalaureate Organization). The manager needs to delegate and be involved in their day-to-day hotel activities- maintenance, kitchen, service and the front desk. They should always in touch with guests and staff.
Lifestyle in the 21st century dramatically changed. There is an increased demand for luxurious lifestyles and modern technologies. Technology calls for corresponding increment and modernization of rooms so that they can multifunction. Hotel design and space matters because Multipurpose attitude of hotel management and the application of technology like the small guest rooms, self-check in kiosks, wider lobbies that integrate services such as open lobby bar encourages clients to settle.
Use statistics and other secondary market data
The uses of statistical date will assist the hotel to know the competition in the industry. Primary competition includes logging facilities that attempt to attract similar transient tourists, as does the subject property (International Baccalaureate Organization). The secondary date competitions consist of facilities attracting same transient visitors at the imperial hotel but under special circumstances. This information will assist the management in formulating the hotel’s goals and objectives.
SWOT analysis
The hotel is close to the airport, thus becomes an ideal stop over for incoming tourists
The hotel is adjacent to the beach. It is an ideal place for tourists who want to relax at the beach
The manager is African westernized and blends well with the locals
The management is not working together
The employees are not well catered for hence low performances
The statistics show the numbers of tourists are on the rise
Under the leadership of Martin, an autocratic leader, Imperial Hotel will grow
The high competition in the industry may push the hotel out of business
Lack of enough funds required for expansion
This important management style empowers and creates shared values that improve front line service. The manager needs to demonstrate personal commitment to service quality, Frontline hotel staff will follow suit (International Baccalaureate Organization). Management committed to the delivery of high quality services demonstrates an empowering leadership style, offering employee environments that they can share the values of the organization. The staff will have a feeling of satisfaction and will perform well in serving hotel guests.
Absenteeism according to Susan was a grievous cause of lost time and decreased productivity in the organization. The housekeeping department, led by Susan did not pay attention to her constant absenteeism and opted to dismiss her. She may have lost a valuable worker hence it would threaten Imperial Hotel’s finances. Lashing out to employees for poor performances and failing to consider the role the management might have played in creating the problem does not help much. Susan despite staying away from the blame, she contributed to low job performance due to high workload. The worker had a genuine reason for the absenteeism from work, but Susan could not take any of her excuses. She needed to get close to the employees and know what affects them in their daily activities. Understanding staff is critical to the success of the Imperial Hotel.
Option 1
I recommend that the hotel implement strategies as mentioned in option 1.
Hotels in the modern day are created to satisfy customers. They want all clients to get maximum satisfaction a...
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