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Performance evaluation (Case Study Sample)


Performance evaluation

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Case Study: Company’s Performance Evaluation Process
Background Statement Allison’s career dilemma began soon after she got a post as a health care manager at a leading dentistry firm. Dr. Gable, the general manager, decides to consult the services of a professional dentist to handle all overall matters in a bid to streamline organization’s operations. However, the new dentist is not passionate about the job and soon becomes a great liability to the firm. Allison gets concerned about the downward spiral that the firm faces due to mismanagement and low employees morale
Problem Statement The major problem that the firm faced began when Dr. Gable hired the services of the professional dentist without conducting due diligence to determine the value that the services of the professional will bring into the company. The management took long to note that the new dentist was not passionate about service delivery but rather was only interested in drawing huge salary from the diminishing resources owned by the firm. There was no attempt on the dentist’s side to deliver his end of the bargain by working towards meeting the profits goals as set out by the management. The problem was further exacerbated by low employee morale as evidenced by the silent approach that Allison adopted.
ALL: Our role (office manager). The role of the office manager should be aimed at ensuring that there is motivation among all employees and cultivate a sense of team work that will ensure that all employees aim at achieving organizational goals and objectives.
Organizational strengths
The greatest strength for the company would come from accelerated employee morale. This can only be achieved through performance appraisals. It would be to the benefit of the company if all employees work hard to ensure that the profit base of the company grows as set out in the objectives. The gains obtained should then be reflected by awarding employees for their effort and make them feel to be part of the company’s success. Another major source of strength comes from outsourcing for more professionals to bring in new ideas and knowledge to the company’s workforce.
Organizational weaknesses
The major weakness comes from lack of coherence in company operations and this largely results from low morale among the employees. Failure to hire employees based on their output is another major weakness. It would be prudent to employ personnel who will be passionate in achieving company objectives. There also seems to be poor organizational management in monitoring the balance between company profit bases compared to the liabilities. This is resulting in low profits which do not correlate with the high revenue expenses.
Alternative and Recommended Solutions
It is important to make all employees involved in the pursuit of organizational goals and targets. People such as Allison seem to be passionate about their roles in the company and any motivation on their efforts will be necessary in placing the company o...
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