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Industrial and Company analysis. Advertisement of Coke Zero. (Case Study Sample)


Analysing the company marketing strategies and establishment of how it can best offer market for its products


Advertisement of Coke Zero
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Advertisement of Coke Zero
Coke zero is a soft drink produced by Coca Cola Company. It is a drink without sugar and it’s branded by the company as the healthiest drink of its own kind. Coke zero is a beverage that has no calories and sugar although it has sweet flavor. It is produced by the company to allow people who do not like sugary drink to have an alternative drink or beverage to take. Coke zero was initially produced in 2005 and it is main market is USA where most people prefer beverages with minimum level of sugar and calories to reduce weight (Khojasteh Salkuyeh and Adams, 2015). Coke zero is a product suitable for both men and women as opposed to the time it was initially produced. It is suitable for young adults especially in UK and US where it is advertised as a beverage with no calories or calories free drink to attract many young adults.
Coke zero can be sold primarily in United States of America at a reasonable price than in any other parts of the World. This is because Americans currently prefer products with zero calories and sugar so that they maintain good weight. The demand for low sugar products in USA makes coca cola company to focus on a product with low sugar content to meet the demand of the American people.
It can be sold in USA because it has been produced in Europe, Middle East and African countries in large scale and it has not entered in USA as compared to other countries. Since Coca cola is competitor of Pepsi cola, coke zero is a product that the company can use to compete against its rivals as it is an effort it aims at building its non-carbonated drinks. The product is produced to ensure that there is a beverage in the market that looks for healthier option.
Coca cola offer prices of coke zero depending on quantity. It offers its products at different quantity to ensure that every customer gets a product at a price they can afford. Coke zero is parked at 200ml, 300ml, 600ml, 1.25lt and 2.25lt. These quantities are sold at discounted prices to increase the sales volume. There is no Coca cola product or beverage which is sold at luxury price as this will increase the price for many people.

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