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Luke Cavanaugh Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Do you think it would be wrong for Luke to share information about coming releases with friends and family? Why or why not?
What are acceptable and unacceptable requirements of a confidentiality agreement with an employee?
Was it wrong for Luke's unknown fellow employee to release the trailer, even if it resulted in increased publicity for the movie?
What precedent is this situation setting by not investigating the leak?
What is the harm in a leaked trailer?


Case study
According to my, what Luke did was wrong. He decides to disclose the information involving the new release to his family members. Luke is occupying that position in which any data should not be revealed to any person. However, Luke had signed an agreement with the company and was required to maintain a high level of confidentiality, and any action against the contract would be termed a crime. On the other hand, Luke was responsible for revealing voluntarily or involuntarily any data concerning his project (Hartlapp et al…, 2013). Luke's action was unethical because he decided to disclose the information concerning the projects, and he should strictly follow the agreement and policy of the company.
Any organization has a confidentiality agreement in which the employees are supposed to abide and should not disclose any information to the third party or family members concerning any ongoing project. The employee should not give a bit of data or any hint concerning the work, discussed ideas, and any crucial storyline to a third party. However, suppose a person is working in the entertainment industry (Prémon, 2012). In that case, the company should make it compulsory for any employee to sign an agreement that they maintain top secrete and not disclose any information until the project ends. On the other hand, the organization should permit the workers to discuss when they attend the same project and the information discussed to remain in between themselves. Nevertheless, the workers should follow the terms and conditions set by the organization. The company should keenly watch them just in case they violate any agreement and code of conduct.
According to my, yes, a fellow worker disclosing a trailer without the organization knowing is wrong. The company should make every employee sign the agreement that they will not disclose any information to the outside world (Prémon, 2012). However, even if the trailer is gaining publicity day by day, the employee should cross against the company's agreement and policy. If the trailer is gaining publicity is the best thing for the company because the company will benefit. In the end, the trailer will not disturb otherwise, if the employee should uphold at all levels the agreed policy to avoid inconvenience and negative impact to the movie or the trailer and the company at large.
Entertainment industries should be cautious, and if any action happens without their concept, the company should investigate the person who went against their policy. Firstly. The organization, to some extent, will not make the move seriously because the movie will gain publicity (Hartlapp et al…, 2013). When the company investigates the whole situation, and in the end, they find that the trailer has gained publicity, they might be reluctant to take serious action against the employee who linked the information. However, the company should not be hesitant because they do not know if the activity can be a big issue, and other employees can do the same if the employee goes without being punished.
The trailer is the crucial step to the achievement

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