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The Success of a Business in the International Marketplace (Case Study Sample)


This sample is a case study about International Human Resources Management. The instructions for writing the paper entailed reading and reviewing the information on a case study provided. The case study was about preparing U.S. executives for assignment in Mexico. After reading and reviewing the case study, I answered a total of five questions as indicated in the sample. The sample is Times New Roman 12, double spaced throughout. A total of three sources properly cited in APA 7th edition were used as resources for the assignment.


The Success of a Business in the International Marketplace

1 “Assume that you are a member of the senior team of CRR Expatriate Development. On the basis of the case study material and also your wider knowledge of the subject area, highlight what you think should be included in the content of the new ten-day pre-departure program for the 30 engineers and project managers.”
In order to effectively implement effective communication and ensure the success of a business in the international marketplace, expatriate education and training are necessary. Provided expat training courses that need to include cultural communications and international business development coupled with language lessons. They are also a need for effectively assessing the ability of the family to adapt to a new work environment adequately. The state of the family in a new environment can contribute to workplace issues during the few fast months on the assignment. Pre-departure training is a necessary prerequisite for the engineers and project managers since the training program will help them effectively adjust to an entirely different working condition (Cascio, 2021). Through proper pre-departure training, the project managers and the 30 engineers will be comfortable relocating and working in a foreign country.
The following are key areas that the pre-departure training should focus on.
Language and Cultural Values – Through the help of an online video-conferencing, managers located in Mexico can help in addressing this critical issue. The assignees need to be provided with a resource that will help them to understand the Mexican cultural norms and values sufficiently. The training should also touch on typical management and leadership styles, communication as well as common expectation while working in the assigned country. It will be crucial for the expat to have some basic commands regarding the local languages before living in Mexico. This can be achieved through a week or two of Spanish classes.
Instructional aids – There should be a training program and booklets provided to the project managers and engineers going to Mexico for the first time. These instructional aids should focus on providing information about traveling to Mexico, information about medical facilities and health centers, and information about restaurants and hotels, among other essential information that will ensure their smooth stay in Mexico. Information should also shed light on what needs to be done when a crime occurs and what needs to be done to prevent crime. A mentor/coach can also be assigned to the expats to help them comfortably adjust to new life in Mexico.

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