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Turning Around Cote Construction Company (Case Study Sample)


Turning Around Cote Construction Company Case Study (100 points)
Read the “Turning Around Cote Construction Company” found at the end of Chapter 9 and follow these steps before answering the case study questions. In order to answer the case study questions you will apply the Change Path Model from Chapter 9 to the Cote Construction Company case.
What problems should he tackle first? Which were operational and which were organizational? What timeline should he establish?
How should he consider the people in the company? What should he ask them? How should he approach them to solicit their ideas for the turnaround?
How should he deal with Felix? Should he allow him to continue as head of Equipment and Operations? Should he sideline Felix and formally reduce his authority at Cote Construction? Would it, in fact, be a relief to employees to know that Felix no longer played a role in the company?


Turning Around Cote Construction Limited
Many businesses face complications due to external and internal elements (Aslam, et al., 2018, p. 46). The elements are often detrimental to the company's operations. Cote Construction was no exception and was presented with a myriad of issues such as lower efficiency, an old workforce, the incorporation of new technology, and increasing gender equality. The world is currently changing at an ever-increasing pace, and this has forced many businesses to find solutions rapidly or risk failure. When Felix Cote started his construction company, it advanced rapidly owing to the supporting business environment then, however, the global financial crisis took its toll and the company started to experience challenges.
From 2011 to 2012, Conte experienced a successful period of growth, however, this period of growth did not last for long as the company started experiencing a modest decline characterized by an increasing cost of overheads (Deszca, et al., 2018, p. 650). This paper is an attempt of developing an action plan to investigate Conte's issues. The issues range from the operational and organizational factors to devising a timeline and analyzing how to include employees and consider Felix in the remedies.
Problems that Should Be Tackled First: Operational and Organizational
In light of the many difficulties that Conte is confronted with, attaining successful labor output is contingent on the company conforming to a unified methodology. For this to work, the firm must apply a method that has fixed connections between its purchasers and suppliers. The most efficient solution for Conte starts with focusing on the structural difficulties, as they are at the root of all the problems. The building business should actively take steps to hone its leadership and communication routes(Dixit & Sharma, 2021, p. 3319). The most positive development can emanate from persistently moving toward an objective that is productive and high-reaching. To cope

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