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Business Plan Of Caltex Company Case Assignment (Case Study Sample)




Table of content
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.0 Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc481004952 \h 2
2.0 Background information PAGEREF _Toc481004953 \h 2
3.0 Business organization PAGEREF _Toc481004954 \h 2
3.1 Type of business organization PAGEREF _Toc481004955 \h 2
3.2 Location of the business PAGEREF _Toc481004956 \h 3
4.0 Management and leadership PAGEREF _Toc481004957 \h 3
4.1 Leadership PAGEREF _Toc481004958 \h 3
4.2 SWOT analysis of management PAGEREF _Toc481004959 \h 3
5.0Role of Information and Communication Technology PAGEREF _Toc481004960 \h 4
6.0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc481004961 \h 5
7.0 Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc481004962 \h 5
8.0 References PAGEREF _Toc481004963 \h 5
1 Introduction
1.1 Executive summary
This is an oil company that has grown from humble beginnings and it has currently become Australia's leading company in terms of transport fuels and it supplies almost one third of the entire fuel needs in Australia (RET, p 15). They provide safe and reliable supply of fuel that is of high quality using a flexible supply chain of fuel. This covers a great number of customer segments which may include aviation, agriculture, retailing, automotives, mining etc. close to 85% of this company's stores are operated by franchisees and thus it's among the largest in terms of franchisors and retailers (AIP, p 3).
2.0 Background information
The history of this company began many years ago when Ampol which is an all-Australian oil importer was initially listed on the ASX around late 1940's. Refineries were opened by both Caltex and Ampol in the years 1950's and 1960's and these led to a fierce competition between the two companies in the arenas of service station and oil product industries (Smith, p 31). This company i.e. Caltex Australian company deals in oil products and services. All its decisions are made entirely by the board of management present in Australia. The company has close to 3,500 employees distributed and working across the entire country.
3.0 Business organization
3.1 Type of business organization
This company is publicly listed on the ASX. This is indicated on the website and its where I got the information ( This company i.e. Caltex Australian company operates entirely in Australia. The company was incorporated in the late 1960's however it eventually merged up with Ampol in 1995 and since then it has existed as Caltex Australian Company (Warrell, p 4).
3.2 Location of the business
The company's headquarters are in Market street Sydney New South Wales and it has branches in major states in Australia. The distribution network is well rooted in Australia and may include diesel stops, depots, marine facilities etc. each state has a Caltex station and also some of the locations that are remote (Caltex, 2017).
4.0 Management and leadership
4.1 Leadership
The board of directors is composed of quite experienced leaders and they include Greig Gailey who is a non executive independent chairman. He has extensive experience in the oil industry and he's also well experienced in management duties in the areas of capital and industrial intensive industries (AMWU, p 3).
Julian Segal the managing director and has great experience in managing big companies. Trevor Bourne is a non-executive independent director and he also has management experience which is very broad in the capital and industrial industries. Melinda Conrad has experience in strategy and governance. Steven Gregg, Bruce Morgan, Barbra Ward and Pen

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