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Dealing With People With Severe Psychological Problems (Case Study Sample)


The paper was a case study i was to conduct on people living PHYSIOLOGICAL disorder

Dealing with people with severe psychological problems
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Dealing with an individual who has a severe psychological illness may be challenging. However, there are some ways that can be adopted that will help families and friends with such individuals offer them the best support and eventually prevent them from causing harm to themselves. One of these ways through which families and friends can help the people with severe psychological illnesses include reaching out for support. In most cases, the fear of stigmatization will always prevent family members and friends from seeking support. However, it is through support where people can seek strength and acquire valuable knowledge on how to handle these individuals.
Another way in which an individual can help people with mental illnesses is through attending training on how to handle people with psychological illnesses. People with mental disorders are usually ‘sensitive’ in that repeated prompting and nagging of individuals with these disorders may result in a behaviour change that may have unexpected outcomes (Campbell-Sills, 2006). Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to handle these individuals. According to a research that was carried out by Behavioral Health evolution, being nice and friendly to people with psychological disorders plays a huge role in controlling their conducts. Through educating oneself about how to handle such individual, one is in a position to offer support.
Finally, family members can participate in specialized family therapy as a support method for people with psychological illnesses. Through specialized family therapy, parents and guardians are taught on how ...
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