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Preliminary Description for Witness Development Group (Case Study Sample)


After reading the case study on IndyCar, answer the questions that follow in about 300-400 words


Preliminary Description for Witness Development Group
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Preliminary Description for Witness Development Group
Witness Development Group (WDG) is an active group founded in 2013 and located in California comprising of people aging between 25-50 years. The Group is made up of people with different ethnic groups- Latinos, African Americans, and Whites with varying levels of education. The Group consists of 50 members who are all married. The differences in culture and educational levels call for special consideration and modifications to accommodate all members within the Group. The organization was created to bridge the gap between ethnic groups by bringing them together and having a common objective to develop one another through a monthly contribution. In addition, the Group organizes yearly fundraising to assist needy and aged people in society. Due to this, WDG has been expanding as it attracts new members of society. A friend, John, invited me to the Group in 2017.

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