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Privilege, Power and Difference: Answers. Case Study (Case Study Sample)


the paper analyzes a case study on Privilege, Power, and Difference where it gives answers on the raised questions.


Privilege, Power and Difference: Answers
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Privilege, Power and Difference: Answers
1 It is true that all of us are part of the problem because we have failed to acknowledge that we are part of the problem. Change can only start when we acknowledge that we are a part of the problem.
2 Nobody is born with prejudice, prejudice can only be inherited, so we inherit it. It is believed that we fear the unknown. I can consider this as a made up lie. People can decide to be either good or bad. Everyone wants to be good, that is human nature unless they taught that bad is good hence being exploited.
3 Basically, it is fear. Going against “your” group is extremely hard, also taking the path with the least resistance sounds easier. We cannot do anything to the trouble we don’t talk about.
4 Johnson means that we can consider ourselves as good people but in real sense we are part of those systems that make people suffer through oppression. For instance, you might be working at a place where your boss harasses people based on their color. You might not be the oppressor but because you are white you become part of the social reality.

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