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Team Player Survey (Case Study Sample)

Team Player Survey Name: Institution: Date: Team Player Survey The parker team player survey is an instrumental tool that aims at identifying the various aspects of teamwork. There is need for effective teamwork in any business environment to achieve set goals. The parker team player survey evaluates teamwork strategies applied by workers and it seeks to identify strengths and weaknesses in each individual’s approach in an effort to improve teamwork processes in organizations. Groups of people working together and in need of brainstorming to achieve common goal can use the survey to improve teamwork effectiveness (Kirnan & Woodruff , 1994, P. 1030). The survey classifies the different approaches to teamwork according to their efficiency. The categories include contributor, collaborator, communicator and challenger approaches. Each of the four categories has its advantages and disadvantages depending on their extent of use. According to my evaluation, my primary team player style is the contributor approach. I believe this is a clear representation of my approach to teamwork as I provide information that will push the team closer to its goal (Kirnan & Woodruff , 1994 P. 1033) My primary team player style is goal oriented and I strive to set higher goals as my team progresses in goal realization. I provide insights on resources that encourage team members to bring information to the discussions. The survey however points out issues in my team player style that I should work on. One of the concerns is that I fail to instill a healthy team environment because I over emphasize data presentation and fail to check on how the team players are relating to each other. The contributor approach is important in my career because my field is dependent on information. I am required to be at per with events affecting the globe. Social, economic and political aspects of societies play a huge role in my job requirements and it is important for me to be factual and base all my decisions on relevant information. (Parker, 2008 P. 36) The same survey on my team player techniques, conducted by my peer, provided significantly different results. According to his evaluation, my primary team players styles are both contributor and collaborator approaches. According to the collaborator approach, I focus on the goals of the tasks, I explore ideas that are outside my domain of experience and I apply flexibility in innovative ideas tabled by the team. I do not see this to be true since I believe in providing sound input; therefore, I only engage contributions in areas of my expertise. Similarities where present in my evaluation and the evaluation by my peer in that my least active team player technique was the communicator approach which requires emphasis in smooth operations between the team members (Lepsinger & DeRosa, 2010 P. 14). The communicator approach requires individuals to listen to each other and team players are mindful of each other. I do not apply this approach since it is common for people to deviate from objectives and concentrate on the smooth flow of the team process. The overall outcome most of the time is that goal implementation is sacrificed for smooth operations. The differences in be my evaluation and that of my peer may be due to different interpretations of processes. My peer might have assumed that an idea I contributed was outside my field of expertise, therefore concluded that I ...
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