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Creating a Magnet Culture to Attract Clients and Employees (Case Study Sample)


Instructions required a review of a case study on how an organization should create a magnet culture to attract both target clients and employees. At the end. a one-page report on the current status of one's organization (the organization that one currently works), and ways of improving it was to be written. THE ASSIGNMENT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE 400 TO 450 WORDS AND THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF REFERENCES WERE TWO.


Creating a Magnet Culture
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Creating a Magnet Culture
For efficiency, nurses must follow the best available practice and research guidelines. Such roadmaps rely on expert opinions, clinical experience, science, and research. They are crucial to excellence because they equip professionals with the perfect tools for working in evolving and challenging healthcare sector. Although nurses have undergone a detailed course that enables them to treat their patients, a guideline allows a healthcare organization to depend on a clear path in delivering care. All nurses can follow a guideline to offer services that do not deviate from what is scientifically acceptable. The Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) presents a new guideline for organizations that wish to be recognized as part of the Magnet Program (ANCC, n.d.). The guideline will empower magnet-recognized companies to serve as the fount of expertise and knowledge in delivering care worldwide. Although my current work environment meets specific criteria for recognition as part of the Magnet Program, improvements could be made to ensure that it ticks all the five points of empirical quality results, new knowledge and expertise, exemplary professional practice, structural empowerment, and transformational leadership.
The current work environment is under the guidance of transformation leaders. The leaders have

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