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Upholding Confidentiality and Privacy Report in Healthcare (Case Study Sample)


Discuss: the Confidentiality and Privacy Report of the ABC Health System, Three Compliance Violations,Regulatory Stakeholders , Patient and Providers Rights, Compliance and Risk Management Factors of Medical Record, Plan of Action


Privacy and Confidentiality Repost
Chiquita Barthel
University of Phoenix
10th August 2021
Confidentiality and Privacy Report of the ABC Health System
Confidentiality and Privacy are critical aspects of the doctor-patient relationship and are protected by statutory regulation, common law, and professional discipline. The upholding of confidentiality and Privacy in healthcare assures patients that information is safe and secure for the health practitioner. Without the assurance, a patient may not disclose all the vital information to the health practitioner, which can be consequential in the medical approach undertaken by the doctor. The Privacy and confidentially report is an essential aspect in maintaining and upholding the patient's privacy and protecting the health practitioner of the ABC Health system. The confidentiality report focuses on key observations made during a tour around the hospital; the compliance violation noted in the trip, the rights of the patients and providers, risks arising from the observation and management of the risk, and a plan of action created to prevent the future violations noted.
Three Compliance Violations
The first violation noted during the tour was that information in the IT department was not safeguarded. The door to the department was left open, and upon further review, it was noted that a USB in the department was left unattended. The department area was clear and was unattended. The risks that may arise due to the door being left open and the department door left open are violations of the hospital's Privacy and confidentiality. When the door is left open and unattended, an authorized person can gain access to the confidential information of the various aspects of the hospital, such as the network status and 

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