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IT. IT & Computer Science Case Study Research Paper (Case Study Sample)


online ENROLLMENT system
Q2 The major functional requirements of the system are as follows
• The enrollment system should cross reference the selected subjects with the credits criteria set by program directors.
• The system should allow the students to view their credentials after completion of each step and make necessary changes to ensure the verity of the information that the students provide(Dubrova, n.d.).
• The students should be able to easily register their details and their personal information like their address, full name, mobile number, email id etc.
• The enrollment system should allow students choose the subjects they are interested in.
• The system should be capable of generating a list of the courses the student selected and tuition fees along with the time table.
• The system should set an upper limit to the maximum number of students that can enroll in a class. If more students are interested and eligible, the system should assign them a different time slot(Eriksson, n.d.).
• The student enrollment system should be capable of offering different payment options for fee payment that students can choose according to their preferences.
• The system should be capable of asking the students for their banking details and should be capable of maintaining the integrity of that information.
• The system should provide students with academic calendar which will contain information regarding the commencement of their selected course, dates of orientation and expected dates of examination.
• The system should be capable of verifying the banking details provided by the students and generating receipts after successful payments.
Q3 The non-functional requirements of the system are as follows
• The enrollment platform should be able to ensure that the data related to students remains confidential.
Data security is a major issue and it is the responsibility of the university to ensure that the data remains secure. It would help in maintaining the privacy of the students. This data security is one of the key concerns of the online enrollment systems.
• The students should be informed beforehand about any maintenance to be done due to which the enrollment system would not be working.
For the efficient working of the enrollment platform, continuous maintenance work is required. Though these maintenance works are very important, they cause a lot of inconvenience to the students. Whenever these maintenances are scheduled, the students should be given a prior notice(Dubrova, n.d.).
• The enrollment platform should be disabled friendly.The platform being set up for the enrollment process should be easily accessible to the disabled. For the students with vision impairment, the system should provide audio aids and should be able to work with the audio commands. This would ensure that there is be no problems to such students while enrolling for abc university.
• The platformshould contain a profoundly secure algorithm for verifying the students while log in.The log in system for students to gain access should be made very secure. No one should be able to alter or modify the students’ credentials without their own will. The password constructed for this log in should be strong and the usernames should be unique. Text and email alerts should also be sent on each login into a students’ profile.
• The platform developed for this online enrollment should be user friendly and should contain every detail.
The site or the portal developed by the university should be easy to use for each and every student. This site or portal should also contain proper information ans all the important dates. This data should be provided in the form of a calendar for the ease of comprehension. Additionally, all the requirements and details about the different campuses of the university should also be included. As the university is taking in 5000 students or more each trimester, this portal for online enrollment should be working at all hours to ensure convenience to the students(Eriksson, n.d.).


Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Online student enrolment system at the ABC University PAGEREF _Toc43450052 \h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc43450053 \h 2Main features of the Study PAGEREF _Toc43450054 \h 3Possibility and Restrictions of the Study PAGEREF _Toc43450055 \h 3Several Stages of Enrollment System: PAGEREF _Toc43450056 \h 4System Process Model PAGEREF _Toc43450057 \h 5Task 1. PAGEREF _Toc43450058 \h 5Task 2. PAGEREF _Toc43450059 \h 7Task 3. PAGEREF _Toc43450060 \h 8Major entities and outcomes of level 1 Data Flow Diagram (DFD): PAGEREF _Toc43450061 \h 8Task 4. PAGEREF _Toc43450062 \h 91.Identify all the entities and their relationships in the System PAGEREF _Toc43450063 \h 102.Create and document an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the System. PAGEREF _Toc43450064 \h 11Task 5. PAGEREF _Toc43450065 \h 12Task 6. PAGEREF _Toc43450066 \h 13Online student Enrolment system Database description: PAGEREF _Toc43450067 \h 13References: PAGEREF _Toc43450068 \h 14
Online student enrolment system at the ABC University
The initiation of computer technology has released a new period in technological developments which makes computers become an essential part of everyday life. Computers make all lives stress-free so that all can live stress-free lives. Computers are everywhere in a society i.e.; at work, at school, at university, and home. The educational system has taken benefit of the technology in schooling, learning and teaching, record keeping, processing data, and in their enrollment system.
Enrollment systems are developed for recording a student's information. A perfect system will reduce the stress on the people that normally have to do all the tasks. The enrollment system is useful especially when the school, university collect important information from the student end. In the enrollment system, the school and university can analysis what are the reputations of the students. The manual enrollment system in a school can lead to inaccurate assessment of student performance, loss of student records, imprecise reports, and slow processing. Students will be disorganized on what they should do and how they will do to be capable to enroll. It is extremely useful in the university in a way of making the easy processes of enrolling.

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