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Research And Describe The Different Web Design Patterns (Case Study Sample)


Summary for
Thankappan, J., & Patil, V. (2015). Detection of Web Design Patterns Using Reverse Engineering. In Advances in Computing and Communication Engineering (ICACCE), 2015 Second International Conference on (pp. 697-701).


Course title:
Web design summary
It is crucial for n individual to have an insight on the different design patterns in dealing with a particular software problem. When a developer uses a proper design pattern, other developers can understand the software by following the codes used in software development. Diagrammatic design patterns make it possible for a developer to have required information of the codes used in the software. Design issues are handled through the use of programming tools that will extract required information for the developers. According to Thankappan and Patil 2015, the use of diagrams and graphs in design makes it possible to come up with a proper software system. Design patterns are used in ensuring that developers can source the codes from the application considering that programming process is intense thus no proper documentation. The codes used in a particular pattern make it possible to acquire reliable information about the application.
Reverse engineering is used by developers in acquiring the design patterns used to come up with a particular application. The detection tools of reverse engineering allow one acquire needed system codes, digital updates, and correlation used by developers in coming up with the pattern. Gang of Four is the techniques used to detect design patterns in software development. The design patterns are classified into three types which are creational, structural and behavioral (Thankappan & Patil 2015). The creational patterns are highly flexible which include factory abstract, builder and factory method. The structure design patterns are developed as an inheritance to issues such as adapter, bridge, decorator, façade and proxy designs. Behavioral designs are used to assign responsibilities to problems which include command, interpreter, mediator, observer, state, and template design.
The software system is required to be properly analyzed in identifying the design patterns used to come up with the application. The analysis starts with the source code, static analysis, static patterns at the start of the program, dynamic analysis at program end and come up with the possible pattern used to develop the software. Observer pattern uses static analysis where one is required to guess the addListener or removeListener of the design pattern. The addListener is required to match the removeListener entry using the Y factor of the system. One should not consider removeLi...
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