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Jamie Bulger Murder Case (Case Study Sample)


The Jamie Bulger murder caused the media frenzy of concern in the system that Western (1993: 543), claims is the highly organized, far-reaching oligopolistic institution, and is, according to Schultz (1993: 584), a most pervasive and influential institution in society. Buckingham (1994: 79) begins by noting that the horror movie Child's Play 3 was found in the home of one of the murdering boys and that Jamie Bulger's murder was accordingly rewritten as the re-enactment of the film by the press. This called many of the media's practices into question and studies were quickly commissioned to research the viewing habits of juvenile offenders (Buckingham, 1994: 79). Buckingham (1994: 79) goes on to state that media that were responsible for the murder of Jamie Bulger, not parenting techniques, education, or peer pressure.
Indeed, the trial judge for James Bulger’s case, “voiced his strong suspicion that exposure to violent videos played the strong part in corrupting two boys concerned” (Association of Chief Police Officers, 1994, p. 22). It has been argued that “it is as silly to blame the single film as it is to indict the Bible” which forensic researchers have found to be the single most frequently quoted justification used by “noble-cause” killers who are pathological murderers of prostitutes and homosexuals (The Guardian, March 4, 1995).
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Upload (submit) your brief responses to the case study in your own words.
Your paper should address the following items:
Write 3 specific questions you would use to gather information from the participants (in the case study) via interviews, surveys, or focus groups.
Be sure they align with your research question.
Case #1 or Case #2
-Describe the case study in your own words. (1 page typed)
-How would you select a sample (example) to research the issue?
-Why do you think this would be the most appropriate outcome for the situation?


Case Study: Jamie Bulger murder case
Course Code and Title
Research Question
Research question: What is the relationship between media consumption and juvenile crime?
Interview/Survey question:
1 What type of media content do you typically consume?
2 How does media consumption affect your attitudes and behaviors?
3 Do you think media consumption has any impact on juvenile crime?
Case Study
The murder of Jamie Bulger, which took place in 1993, was a crime that received a great deal of media attention. It involves two young boys, both of whom were 10 years old, who kidnapped and murdered a toddler named Jamie Bulger. As a result of the case, there was a frenzy in the media, and many people questioned the responsibility of the media in the crime. It was discovered that the boys had been viewing a violent movie prior to the commission of the crime, which prompted more issues regarding the influence of media on juvenile criminals (Hamilton, 2022). The judge who presided over the case expressed his strong concern that the two boys' exposure to violent movies had contributed to the corruption of their character.
In light of this, studies on the watching preferences of juvenile offenders were commissioned as a reaction. It was 

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